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  1. uhm sorry i am dumb. please ignore me it's NOT a bug. i wasn't seeing the logo on the main screen because the option screen was still open (and in widescreen it's covering the whole logo). didn't know how to close it until i pressed esc oh boy, how can i be so dumb? ^^ however it's true what the first poster in this thread said: the artwork was natively done in 4:3, that's still annoying for us who play the game on a nice and big widescreen monitor. but well, i can live with it... anyway, let me show you two screens so you know what we speak about:
  2. 2560x1440, the native resolution of my iMac 27"
  3. I'm actually pretty sure it's a BUG, because it looks different on my iMac than in videos on YouTube. In the videos it's fine 16:9 (no letterboxes) and I see the whole image. For example the main menu (first thing you see when you start up the game), on my iMac I do *NOT* see the full "Broken Age" Logo (the written name) on top! I only see it completely if I set the letterboxes to vertical (4:3) mode... but in the videos on YouTube it's 16:9 and STILL everything is visible. I will post screenshots later today. EDIT: Sorry I was wrong, it's no bug, please read my post below.
  4. See http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/11825/ EDIT: You see nothing here My fault.
  5. Yeah is this game really designed in 4:3?? I just started it on my iMac 27", 2560x1440 resolution. When going to fullscreen in horizontal letterbox mode, it cuts off a big part of the image (probably 1/4 of the top part)! Makes no sense to play it like this. When setting it to vertical letterbox mode, i get the full image... but only in 4:3 format with letterboxes left and right, which is very annoying. I assume this is a bug, because otherwise it would be really dumb... I will wait for the final version to try it again.
  6. It's well made, really beautiful style and sound. I knew I don't get a game when I buy it (price is OK) but rather something like an interactive story book, however still I don't like it. Why? The walking speed is just way too slow for me (you can't run), that made me absolutely crazy! I even tried to tweak it via the config files but it didn't work :cheese: Also in real life I always walk very fast because otherwise I get bored :lol: So... please make sure the DFA character walks fast enough and it's possible to "jump" screens/locations by double clicking
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