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  1. Anyone know what USB / MIDI keyboard is seen during the audio recording scenes?
  2. Hmm. I suppose what I mean is not a replication of the theme, nor a transposition of it, more along the lines of two separate melodies which function independently of each other, but when you bring them together it creates a new theme, which intertwines. I'm not a metal head, but a band called Tool had an album which had three relatively ambient but still "rock" songs. Someone discovered that if you played three of the tracks at the same time, they all genuinely matched up to create an epic track. This was without needing to edit the songs at all. Incredible!
  3. Hi guys, Apologies if I've posted in the wrong place or it's an idea that's already been suggested. It occurred to me from a music standpoint that the idea behind "Reds" could lead to some interesting possibilities. For example, if each world has it's own unique theme, it occurred to me as a really cool idea if that by happenstance the two characters say actually meet, or there's say "holes" in the worlds where they both meet at the same time, that two unique themes COMBINE musically in an intricate way. So, the two themes are simply half of a overall symphonic theme, which work independently of each other. Let me know whatcha think! Thanks Gar
  4. The documentary is great and totally captures the intensity but also the fun on working such a big project! Ultimately, the best part about it is that it's very inspiring to see the creative process and understand how a game is created! Bagels artwork is actually incredible, but it also surprised me somewhat the other creative artists involved would have their ideas redrawn in his style. It would have never occurred to me to do that in a game, but then it makes sense to get a distinctive consistent artstyle.
  5. Wearing my shirt as we speak! Fantastic rewards. Thanks DFA!
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