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  1. You have devices such as the Microsoft Surface Pro, or the Dell Venue Pro series or Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga, which are Windows 8 or 8 Pro (full) tablets, running on Intel processors. These devices features touch screen, and a digitize pen (the good pen technology, with a thin tip at the end, and provide 'high' precision, and can detect up to 2056 pressure sensitivity level, depending on the digitizer of choice by the manufacture (and target price). Many of them are convertible ultrabook grade laptop, but also tablet thanks to a smart implementation of a keyboard (either flips over, or detaches, and such). Great device for artists, or anyone that wants to take notes. These devices existed since Windows XP, with the appearance of Windows XP Tablet PC edition, but never picked up, until Windows 8 (the technology was not there, and the OS was very difficult to use with such setup. Windows 8 enables that). The good news for double fine, if they choose to fix this bug, is that Windows 8 supports a standard API for touch and pen, meaning they don't need to support a bunch of technology from different companies with their own API codes. They can just use Windows 8 API's and it will work perfectly on any Windows 8.x device. So, it's a big win for Double Fine. I have the Microsoft Surface Pro 2. An amazing little device.
  2. GoodBytes

    Bug report

    I tried that... while it seams to be working (just a small offset from the finger). I can't access the inventory without a bunch of tabs on the inventory button. And also, I can drag an item from the inventory. So the game is not actually playable, sadly.
  3. GoodBytes

    Bug report

    I don't have that option, as the Wacom digitizer that I have uses Windows Ink API's (standard works with all tablets - new to Win8), and not WinTab (Wacom specific tablet). I could install the Wacom digitizer drivers, so that it does not use the Windows Ink API, that I can do. But then I'll lose my calibrations and because the Wacom digitizer calibration is only 4 points, it doesn't calibrate it right on corners. As I mostly write and interact with the system with the pen, and not draw, this is not good.
  4. GoodBytes

    Bug report

    I have noticed the following bugs in Broken Age. I am not sure if this is the best place to post these, but here goes: Bug 1- Menu The game start menu (where you have Continue, Load Game, Save Game and Options), on the Intel integrated graphics HD4400, the menu layers flickers. Bug 2 - Interaction It is impossible (extremely difficult) to play Broken Age with a digitizer pen. The pointer on the screen moves all across the screen, while small tiny movement is on the digitizer (Wacom). Bug 3 - Touch Screen Granted the game is not hover-and-poke adventure game, but rather point-and-click, but the game does not play nice at all, with touch screen, such as the one in the Microsoft Surface Pro 2. When you move your finger, the game moves the mouse and makes it move all across the screen despite tiny millimeter movement. Tapping on an object or menu item does not work, it taps where the game cursor is. Due to the above bugs, the game cannot be playable on a Windows based tablet device without keyboard and mouse. If someone at DoubleFine has a bit of extra time (haha, I know ), would be nice to have those fixed. Thanks.
  5. Is the train conductor an easter egg of Ticket to Ride board game? They look awfully similar. What do you guys think?
  6. Why not do something like TellTale Game: Monkey Island 5 (Tales of Monkey Island). The game has a free demo, if you want to have a look.
  7. In any case, it doesn't look like a big platformer like Mario. I am sure every element (water for example, where he swims in the video), or jumps is all part of a puzzle solving.. example, maybe there is an object that you need to pass though, but can't be wet. So you need to find something or do something to get it to the other side. Of course, I could be wrong, I am just guessing here.
  8. Ron Gilbert’s Adventure Game, The Cave by Double Fine seams to be a adventure, platformer, puzzle game. NOTE: THIS IS NOT DFA game! This is not a Tim Schafer + Ron Gilbert game that we expect. This is just Ron Gilbert creation game at Double Fine. This is also why it's published by Sega and not themselves. Video and more info: (watch in HD): imr0wzAZFgw
  9. Same here. I used the same e-mail as my kickstarter account, and I don't see the backer only forum. I waited several days for it to pop-up, because I thought that the servers were too busy, as I had a really hard time creating my account here, but I guess I am not alone.
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