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  1. So has the artbook for 500 backers been sent out? I really hope mine didn't get lost in the mail or something. I know we are still waiting on the Big Box and Blu-ray
  2. My suggestion is Knight and Monk for sure and then just whoever else you are comfortable with. Using the Knight and Monk while the Twins held and extra hot dog the whole time to skip the zoo puzzle made this really quick and easy. You can use the monk to pretty much skip the entire knight level. You just grab the key through the wall and then grab the token from out of the dragons reach. Then on everything else I would have the Knight on point to save time jumping off of ledges and using dynamite thanks to his invincibility perk. I used the twins as my 3rd because I know the puzzle by heart and felt like I could do it the fastest, just remember to jump forward out the front door when you complete the puzzle
  3. Hey everyone, I have done a few searches here and on the web but can't seem to figure out what is going on in my game. I'm playing on the Xbox 360 and my wife and I haven't had too much trouble with this game until we stumbled upon this seemingly game breaking bug So here is what happens, after I lure the hunter girl away I use the hot dog machine and a hot dog falls out. I go to pick it up but then nothing happens. None of my 3 characters will pick it up! They kind of twitch like they want to but just don't. I've tried everything I can't think of, saving and continuing using different people trying to pick it up but nothing works and I know I need that stupid hot dog to progress further. Am I doing something wrong or just boned? Thanks!
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