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  1. Um, I may be wrong, but isn't the "click-skip sentence" thing in, like, every game of yours, and in almost every other graphic adventure out there? What's so different in this one? Not criticizing, I'm just curious.
  2. Hm, weird, it's true, now it works. But I'm 100% sure it wasn't when I played that part, I had to double click everything to see the descriptions (and the map). Maybe it was a bug.. But I still believe that the rule right click-examine, left click-use should be kept.
  3. Yep, it confused me a bit as well, I support that idea. Also, why not put a Load option in the main game too? It would be simpler, Save/Save&Exit; are ok, but to load a previous save you have to exit to the main menu and do it from there..
  4. Hi there, I haven't seen a thread about this, sorry if it has been already discussed somewhere. Just a suggestion: I think that double clicking the items to get the description is a bit awkward, a right click as usual should be enough. I discovered this function only by accident while trying to look at the map, since right click wasn’t working (and single click neither, nor dragging the item to yourself) I assumed you couldn’t examine your items at all and I was kinda stuck, since you have to find a way to look at the map to progress the game. And since we're at it, wouldn't it be nice to be able to right click every item/person in the game just to have a description of them?
  5. Absolutely agree. The Space button for skipping dialogues is great, but I believe that we shouldn’t be able to skip ALL the scenes, some more “important” and item-related ones should be unavoidable or we might miss something. Like, during the Feast, I chatted with the other girls and skipped when they kept repeating the same things, and that’s fine. But then, when I spoke with the blue girl and she gave me the bottle (when she actually handles it to you), I pressed Space thinking it was just a repetition of the previous dialog (with her taking the bottle back again), but then whoops, now I have the bottle and she is gone, and I missed that scene. I think it would be more useful to have a right-click-skip-sentence system, like other graphic adventures. Skipping the whole scene (with dialogs and what’s happening as well) may be counter-productive to some gamers, as it may contain some useful infos on what we should do next.
  6. Hi there, I just finished it and I'd like to share some thoughts. The Italian subs are overall very well written (I appreciate that even the signs and other background stuff are translated!), but I still found a couple of typos or sentences who doesn’t sound too right, I think some of them have already been reported above: - when you have to choose the breakfast, the red box is called “Scie di comete ala fragola”, instead of “alla”. Unless it’s a play-on-words with “ala”(wing) and that chicken-thing pictured on it, but.. nah, nevermind. - when the little cloud boy speaks about the female bird who saved you, he says something like: “you should stay away”, translated in “dovresti stare lontano da lui (stay away from him)”, but since in all the other sentences the bird is referred to as a “she”, the sentence should be “dovresti stare lontano da lei”, or “dovresti starle lontano.” Can’t remember the exact words of the actual sentence, sorry, but it was something like this. - “I’m saving my cream for a matter of life and death” is translated with “Salvare la panna diventerà una questione di vita o di morte”, but it’s not the same thing and the sentence doesn’t make too much sense, it’s not like he’s “saving” the cream, saving here means “I’ll keep it until that l&d moment”, so it probably would’ve been better: “Conserverò questa panna per quando mi servirà davvero”. - the “what are you doing here?”- “nothing, just... chillin’!” pun is funny, but unfortunately it’s hard to mantain it in Italian, it was translated with “niente, solo riposando” (nothing, just resting), which doesn’t connect well with their next comment (“he’s been waiting a long time for that question!”, or whatever it was). I think their answer should’ve something to do with the cold/ice in Italian too (even if it’s not a perfect translation from the English), just to keep the pun, like “Pensavamo a come rompere il ghiaccio.”, “Ci raccontavamo delle freddure.”, “Stai fresco se pensi che ti risponda” or something like that. - same thing with the blind guardians (heh. not the band. ...but, wait. did you do that on purpose?? ) of the God cave, when they ask you “Why do you want to enter?”, an option is: “Because you’re guarding it, so it must be cool”, but is translated with “E così state facendo la guardia. Forte!”, which means “So, you’re guarding it. Cool.”, but I don’t think it’s a sentence that actually answers their question. It should be something like: “Perché se la state sorvegliando, dev’essere forte!”
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