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  1. I can't say I'm excited for either one. What I'd like would be something like Vella & Shay or Cuddle Attack on the back and the Spoon on the front like a badge on the chest. Right now, [del]fluorescent[/del] radioactive Vella & Shay feel creepy and spoon is too small for front print
  2. Since I wouldn't imagine a situation where you'll choose first the "Use" verb over the "Look" verb in a 2-verb interface, you could narrow-down the verb to the bare "Interact" verb IF it had the following behaviour: click if use_verb available in hotspot then look hotspot then execute use_verb function automatically and on any subsequent clicks. But right now, I too feel that the interaction with the environment is minimal... on par with the Syberia 1/Still Life 1 games (and that's not a good thing) so with just a single verb you get a feeble feeling of interactivity. Just my opinion.
  3. Hello, with the latest patch trackpad behaviour on MacOS Mountain Lion is a real issue. Tap-to-click only works on scene hotspots and not anywhere on the inventory bar except for the character change icon and the three-finger gesture for drag-n-drop doesn't work at all. On the initial release it worked fine but with the latest patch and the introduction of the "click to drag and stuff" control scheme the soft gestures just stopped working -on both interaction styles from the options menu. I believe this is an issue for Mac users 'cause when you're introduced to tap-to-click interactivity when starting the game but on the inventory it feels broken (either the game or the trackpad as you foolishly try to figure out what's wrong with the clicky function). As a side note: "Open inventory on hover" is a nice touch but I can't make up my mind about the new interactivity style. I think I prefer the "click" style but the examine-item action with the magnifying glass feels cheap and not day 0 feature to me. Examine-item and use-item-on-hotspot are two separate functions that just cannot be accomplished with the same button, you need different buttons or gestures (on tablets). Platform: MBP mid 2011, MacOS X 10.8.5 Broken Age version: 1.0.671676
  4. Ok from the all the recent adventure games i've played, the most memorable for me is Machinarium by far. I mean... just wow! Artwork, puzzles, atmosphere, MUSIC! I'm kinda embarrased that i'm saying this, but i almost cried with all the "lonely-silent-tiny" robot thing... The other p&c games i loved are: Sam&Max; Seasons, Another Code (DS only point-and-touch adventure game by Cinq), Hotel Dusk (also another ds adventure game by Cinq), Geminy Rue...
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