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  1. Has anyone added this so yet? It's the only way it's likely to be changed. (All the issues that I posted there have been responded to by Vic.)
  2. Yes, it looks like they're not using nearest neighbour or something?
  3. Ouch! I thought all the rewards had been delivered! Maybe contact someone at DF directly? perhaps?
  4. OK, so it's a question of semantics... you're literally giving something away for free. (Usually it's everything, but I guess Doom is the exception, and I don't see why DF couldn't follow suit.) Let me ask you, though: If you're just talking about the code, and not the other assets, how do you expect people to run the code and debug it? With Doom it's easy because you have an open platform (Linux), but how would that work with Android?
  5. Cool! Although I'm beginning to find Wil Wheaton as annoying at Wesley Crusher... :-/
  6. That's literally what going open source means.
  7. And yeah! It's missing a whole track! Ugh. Definitely much cooler when there's music playing! Create an issue on the support site.
  8. Ohh! You're right! The song is suppose to fade out and return just before Mo shows herself.
  9. Hmm. I can see the difference more on my retina screen. I see you've actually taken the shot at the same resolution, so perhaps I'm wrong about what I said before. Try adding it to the list of things.
  10. Edit: Strange. The Remastered version of your video seems better. The normal edition seems to be missing a music cue? Original message: You could try and add it to this support item:
  11. I'm still sad about this They didn't listen for the other Remasters, either. Luckily Full Throttle is so short that it's limited number worked fine. Grim Fandango, however. Easily the biggest of the LucasArts adventures. Strange to think that the modern versions would go backwards in terms of functionality
  12. I'd recommend emailing them, too. I don't know how often they check the forums:
  13. Probably want to try