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  1. Excellent!
  2. There is no Act 1 and 2 anymore. It's just one big game. Whatever you can download now will be correct. If you bought it as part of a Humble Bundle, then you'll find your download in your HB account at Good luck!
  3. I actually got to ask Ron Gilbert the Monkey Island question to his face as part of the Thimbleweed Park tour! He informed me that he decided to start production on MI2 before MI1 was even released (things took longer in those days). He didn't even bother to ask for permission, he just got going with it. So no, the reason there's so many references to feeling under pressure to come up with another adventure, according RG, is simply because that's what he thought Guybrush would feel at the time. Still, would be interesting to hear Tim's take!
  4. Interesting to know. Thanks!
  5. I thought it was fine. He wasn't exactly Ben, but what can you expect? I actually kind of liked his voice.
  6. How come? Is that because they give good deals to content creators, or because technically it's great?
  7. I can't believe I've never seen that trailer before! Ben doesn't look right, and the music is all wrong.
  8. Nice idea! An optional "dirt/grunge" filter would be cool!
  9. Can Tim finally answer the eternal questions: Is Full Throttle in the same universe as Day of the Tentacle? If so, why does it have flying cars? Is Full Throttle supposed to be set in a dystopian future (as most fans believe it to be) or is it just supposed to be the future (or an alternate reality)? Finally, did you guys feel under pressure from all the positive reviews of Monkey Island when making Monkey Island 2? (There's so many references to Guybrush begrudgingly having to find another adventure after already having one big success -- did the team feel the same way?) Ok, I may have drifted off topic, but these are some of the burning questions I've had for (what feels like) eternity!
  10. I love FFVII and am currently replaying it at the moment. The graphics are fine to me... it's a game from 1997! I like retro charm and actually dislike the desire to change everything for modern computers, especially when it moves away from the original aesthetic. For modern players it's worth remembering that the full screen animations were mind blowingly well done at the time. It's also worth noting that every room is individually rendered... not just generically generated from tiles. Every, single, room. When you look at the detail that's in each of them, it's kind of mind blowing. I think the game mechanics still hold up really well. The Materia system was so clever, and gave you so many options to do crazy inventive things. The game was filled with detail, too. There's so many hidden touches. Taking the time to explore something, or search for something, nearly always resulted in some sort of reward. FFVIII bothered me because it seemed to deliberately try and cater for the loudest comments about FFVII, namely: "Why do the characters look so cutesy...??" and "Wow, those Summon Materia animations were cool!". So we ended up with an ultra serious, ultra realistic looking, game with TONS of Summon style animation. FFVII has a crazy sense of humour and playfulness that was missing in FFVIII for me. FFIX returned to the fun, but it missed a lot of the nice touches of FFVII. You weren't really rewarded for exploring or attempting feats, and so for me it felt kind of empty. I think FFV, VI and VII offered a kind of golden era (along with Chrono Trigger), and I'm NOT looking forward to the FFVII remake. It looks like it's lost all of the fun and quirkiness of the original. No thanks!
  11. I only just saw this myself: If you're an iPad/iPhone user, this is the perfect time to grab it!
  12. I look forward to read the backs of the other member's jackets
  13. Everything Ben (TimeGentleman) said. The opening is so iconic. It needs to be perfect!
  14. Completely agree. I've loved the whole journey.