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  1. This is an unfair comparison because it's not taken from a video, but it's still worth having a look at LuisImage's fan art:
  2. Good catches. I think Ben's shadow is all over the place, so I hope they'll spend some time getting that right before release. I don't get what's going on with those beams of light... things should be brighter where they hit, not darker! They generally look very odd at the moment, but hopefully it wouldn't take much to fix and make look more natural. I agree about the oil can and I also think they should change the colour of the hose... so it finally sticks out from the background and stops being a pixel hunting puzzle! I don't agree about the photo, though. It looks far too sharp for the surrounding artwork in your version. Maybe it should be slightly less blurry, but not so sharp as that, IMHO. I'd also like to see: A more interesting font (looks like Arial at the moment -- horribly clashing with the game world) Losing the big black box behind the dialogue options
  3. Good job, Gosova. No idea what's going on with the new look of the backgrounds... I thought Matt said they were going to be changed to match the look of the original? I guess that part is still to do. I believe this is the video? Edit: Just watching it now, it looks like they took Ben's Protocola suggestion on board! Nice. Also the bike looks fantastic now (no longer brown hued). Really nice! Quite a few graphical glitches still visible. The shadow under Ben disappears when he's under the gas tower, for example. I assume they're aware of this stuff.
  4. Rumours are that Tim had the demo Remastered... Any chance it be released prior to the 18th?
  5. Getting internal tools ready for external use is not a small task. I don't believe I've ever heard anyone at DF indicate they would release their tools to the public. For a start it cost them a lot of money to develop, but even if that wasn't the case, it would take a long time to get them into a place where they were ready for public use, and they'd also be obliged to field questions and support the software. It would be great if they did release them, but I can't see it happening. No harm in asking, though!
  6. I'm glad you've now seen sense. Your quote was referring to the lack of game development news because they'd been so busy. Not future games updates. The post was written by Spaff, the community manager. In context: "Not to shut up" means to TALK.
  7. And to give Jon Spiegel some long overdue credit, here's (what I *think* is) his Twitter: And an *amazing* performance (IMHO):
  8. Excellent!
  9. Submitted
  10. There is no Act 1 and 2 anymore. It's just one big game. Whatever you can download now will be correct. If you bought it as part of a Humble Bundle, then you'll find your download in your HB account at Good luck!
  11. I actually got to ask Ron Gilbert the Monkey Island question to his face as part of the Thimbleweed Park tour! He informed me that he decided to start production on MI2 before MI1 was even released (things took longer in those days). He didn't even bother to ask for permission, he just got going with it. So no, the reason there's so many references to feeling under pressure to come up with another adventure, according RG, is simply because that's what he thought Guybrush would feel at the time. Still, would be interesting to hear Tim's take!
  12. Interesting to know. Thanks!
  13. I thought it was fine. He wasn't exactly Ben, but what can you expect? I actually kind of liked his voice.
  14. How come? Is that because they give good deals to content creators, or because technically it's great?
  15. I can't believe I've never seen that trailer before! Ben doesn't look right, and the music is all wrong.