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  1. Broken Age

    You need to email
  2. Not sure if it's just my Steam being weird or not. A 512kb update?
  3. Broken Age Backers: Final Rewards update thread

    Well I hope you get it sorted. I'd be interested to know what Fangamer say!
  4. Broken Age Backers: Final Rewards update thread

    It's amazing that some people ignored all the emails and updates for so long... Wow. There has to be some sort of limitation on how long FanGamer can keep people's stuff for. Over a year seems to be pretty excessive!
  5. DOTT - no text displayed

    I suggest you email and include as much information as possible.
  6. I can't go past the title screen

    Tried ?
  7. How to wear the goggles? (In ios)

    There should be an icon you can click on while Ben is riding. There is on the Windows version.
  8. Linux release?

    As a tester on the project, I can tell you that Cheeseness's dedication is really amazing. Huge thanks and respect for your tireless work!
  9. Well spotted. Also, what was wrong with this thread?
  10. does the game crush on IOS?

    Dude, you totally crushed your post!
  11. Crikey. How did I miss this? The white bar across the top is a bit strong, and there's a weird delay when you hover the tabs (is that intentional?).
  12. Grim Fandango Android Installation Issues

    Nice bug hunting!
  13. Update?

    What brought that on?
  14. First-time playthrough diary *SPOILERS*

    Yes. What happened?
  15. Grim Fandango Android Installation Issues

    Both of those issues sound like download problems. Could you try a different internet connection?