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  1. What a weird track! More mysteries within Full Throttle!
  2. He's the guy who looks a bit weird in the Remaster:
  3. What's so special about Legacy? Why have you wondered about it? Also, the software to explore it is here:
  4. Someone in the commentary suggested a sequel could be about Darrel... and Tim didn't say no! That could be interesting.
  5. Anyone know it? Apparently there's an Easter Egg for those who can find it.
  6. There's definitely times where that's been done, but it's not very often and tends to be on organic shapes and blurry things. I'm happy with that myself.
  7. I've finally had a moment to play FT:R. It's luscious! Lots of work has clearly gone into this, and tons of attention to detail (the fact that they recreated the screensaver!) and I have no idea how they did all that 3D stuff. It's seamless and looks beautiful. How they did the old mine road, I don't know. The new lighting effects are great. The faint dust drifting outside the Kickstand. All lovely. The Juke Box is a feature I wish all the Remasters had had. As usual the only times I felt irked was when something was changed for a reason I couldn't understand. The way I see it, you shouldn't be changing something without having a good reason. Why take Peter Chan's/Larry Ahern's incredible artwork... and change it? Peter Chan is a master. A genuine talent. I honestly put his work (and Steve Purcell's) up against (the hugely popular) Josh Agle or Mark Ryden. I don't understand why alterations to his work would be done? Same goes for the incredible close-up character work of Larry Ahern (unless that was Chan, too -- I'm not sure). When the remaster is faithful to their artwork, it looks incredible. Absolutely incredible. In its best moments it's probably the best Remaster DF have done so far in my opinion, but when it drifts... things look off. The worst example is poor Darrel. In the opening sequence Darrel (Ben's second in command) is beautifully rendered, and deliberately against type: Rather than an oversized, incoherent white guy with a scraggly beard and a bandana (the stereotypical biker), he's a thin, smart, intense black guy. The remastered artist, however, seems to have decided to alter Chan's/Ahern's design and move him toward the dull stereotypical biker, expanding his chest into something closer to the barrel chested cliche, and making his posture inhuman in the process. To be fair, this is the worst example in the entire game, in my opinion, and other times they've simply followed the clear lines of the artwork they were given. (Always looking better as a result.) The same goes for the changes to the beautiful, stark Monument Valley style backgrounds. They've been replaced in all places by unusual looking cyan hills, and they irk me every time I see them because they're so far from the Mignola style of the rest of the artwork. (Possibly a decision by Tim to try and make the game look less post-apocalyptic.) Also, the game used to follow the narrative trope of the weather reflecting the protagonist's struggles. The skies become dark and gloomy when everything turns against Ben... or they used to. Now the Old Mine Road has very bright, sunny clouds hanging over them. Again, I don't know why this would be done, although I assume there was some reason. Of course, a new fan isn't going to notice this stuff, and there's no question the new Old Mine Road itself is a million times better than the original. In fact, all the new FMV sequences are absolutely stunning. The ending in particular is incredible, and the new renders really elevate Full Throttle back into being the stunning experience it was in 1995. The differences are incredible at times. (When Ripburger slams into the back of Ben and Maureen, it was amazing on my big TV.) The most egregious problems for new players are the few inconsistencies and bugs (many of which have already been mentioned in the Nitpicker's thread and elsewhere): The removal of the nut from the fuel line at the back of Ripburger's truck is at least on par for being the worst oversight. How is a new player supposed to know what to do? Visually the end credits now drift out of the middle of the road, too, instead of from behind the horizon. And they reach the top of the screen and disappear instead of rising out of view. Stuff like that is a shame, and I hope they might have some budget left to fix them, but on the whole they're pretty minor. In all the Remaster is a wonderful experience. Possibly the best of the Remasters, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As usual I just wish DF had the budget for an extra month of polish passes. Still, most people are going to have a great experience I think!
  8. Emmet's foot sticks over the shelf in the Kickstand. The hose falls behind the canister while Ben is stealing fuel from the police (actually a bug from the original). Another bug from the original is that you can't throw fertiliser into the eyes of the girl with the hat. She's not wearing goggles, so she *should* be affected by it. The projector's lamp not having an visual effect when it's turned up to High, but Ripburger still stopping his presentation because of it, is very odd. The number of save slots is annoyingly low, as usual, but at least Full Throttle is so short it doesn't matter this time! Also, I nearly forgot, but what's with the leading on the opening credit font? (Never mind it's actual design, which I'm also not a fan of. Why change things so drastically?) The space width is insane and looks terrible. There's about three spaces between every word. This should be very easy to fix. Once upon a time the attention to detail on things like this was normal: Also, the dialogue options look SO ugly. Again not only is the font ugly, but it's tiny (smaller than the original), and why do they need to be on a huge black background? What's the point? It wasn't necessary for Grim Fandango Remastered or even the original Full Throttle!
  9. Wow, Malleys, that's four huge bugs right there. I feel there should be a "legitimate bug" thread, because all of those would go right in it. I mean.... The final puzzle in the game (move the camera left) isn't even a puzzle anymore? Whaaaa...? (Ok, I admit, it was kind of a cheap puzzle, but still.)
  10. I wonder how legal those covers are?
  11. Wow. That does indeed look unfinished. I wonder what DF think of that? :-/ (I kind of wish DF hadn't used the term "Criterion Edition" when I see things like that. Still, it's not "Golo Flakes".) Anyhoo, maybe you could do a test for just that light and share it with the forum. It won't be long before someone has made a tool for us to open up the files I make changes. We could always release our own update if DF aren't able to.
  12. Pretty sure the opening time tunnel effect is a palette rotation. Or at least, I always thought it was.
  13. Ok, first things first. It looks and sounds 100 times than the original. Of course. It's LUSH. I love it. Now that's out of the way, let the nitpicking commence: They're still using that teal mountain range, instead of the colours from the original. Interesting. There's some odd sound glitches where the car noise drops out just before Ben and his crew turn up. Ben's motorcycle suddenly goes black for a second while he's riding off into the distance. Finally, the new font looks little messed up. The kerning, especially on the spaces, is very weird. The original typography was great. If I could change one thing, I actually think it might be this.
  14. If you have an entry in the phone book, share yours! Mine is: 1488 Also, has anyone spotted any particularly noteworthy phone numbers in Thimbleweed Park? So far I've noticed LucasArts alum (and sometimes TP staff): Gary Winnick: 4513 Mark Ferrari: 8442 David Fox: 8638 Noah Falstein: 1718 Dave Grossman: 1574 And TP Staff: Jenn Sandercock (programmer): 3575 Lauren Davidson (writer): 2546 Robert Megone (tester): 4762 Malcom Stead (Xbox port): 8836 There's a few other names (like Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer, Octavi Navarro - TP's art) but their numbers are out of order and have no answerphone message (greyed out in the phone book). What's your number? What interesting ones have you spotted? EDIT: There's also a couple of real life references in the game that I thought I'd throw in, too...