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  1. Both of those issues sound like download problems. Could you try a different internet connection?
  2. The player only discovers Maureen is Malcolm's daughter as he dies... and yet there's a Steam Trading Card with her full name on it (spelt incorrectly, to boot).
  3. Has this been picked up before? I just noticed in the latest update that there's no music after Ben has disabled Nester and Bolus's car. Ripburger just talks over silence and it's a bit weird. Also N&B's car doesn't seem to do anything after Ben is set on fire. I can walk around everywhere and nothing happens :-/
  4. A 575kb update was just released. What did it change?
  5. I hate badly designed interfaces. I love the XBox 360's, but the PS3's is so awful. It's rabbit warren of confusion. I've heard the PS4's interface is the same x bar maze, and that the XBox One's interface is beyond ugly. i guess it doesn't matter when you're playing games, but are the interfaces as bad as each other?
  6. As someone who hasn't made the leap to the next generation yet, how does the PS4 compare to the XBox One?
  7. You should try if the above link doesn't work for you.
  8. Wow. Did you buy a PS4 simply to play this? You should pick up Grim Fandango Remastered and Day of the Tentacle Remastered, too!
  9. Has anyone added this so yet? It's the only way it's likely to be changed. (All the issues that I posted there have been responded to by Vic.)
  10. Yes, it looks like they're not using nearest neighbour or something?
  11. Ouch! I thought all the rewards had been delivered! Maybe contact someone at DF directly? perhaps?
  12. OK, so it's a question of semantics... you're literally giving something away for free. (Usually it's everything, but I guess Doom is the exception, and I don't see why DF couldn't follow suit.) Let me ask you, though: If you're just talking about the code, and not the other assets, how do you expect people to run the code and debug it? With Doom it's easy because you have an open platform (Linux), but how would that work with Android?
  13. Cool! Although I'm beginning to find Wil Wheaton as annoying at Wesley Crusher... :-/
  14. That's literally what going open source means.
  15. And yeah! It's missing a whole track! Ugh. Definitely much cooler when there's music playing! Create an issue on the support site.