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  1. RAD

    Still playing it, still enjoying it. I wrote a guide: https://steamcommunity.com/app/722560/discussions/0/1629664606994205397/
  2. Easter egg on iPad?

    Did it just flash up on the screen or what?
  3. Broken Age removed from Google Play

    support@doublefine.com is their technical support
  4. RAD

    Anyone else playing this? Got to say I'm really enjoying it... but there's still so much I don't understand. (It doesn't do a great job of explaining things to be honest.) Anyone know how to get "Premium" from the MAC, for example? Or what you're supposed to do with all those people on the hub screen?
  5. Farewell, friends <3

    Great job, Cheeseness! You were a real boost to the DF universe!
  6. A little bit late to the party here, but WOW. This is very interesting. I'm actually currently playing through Grim Remastered and spotting all the annoying bugs that remain. (And the iam8bit special edition was a huge waste of money! ugh!) Don't forget that one fan did a pretty amazing job of extending the backgrounds to widescreen, too: http://www.grimwidescreen.com/
  7. scott campbell painting timelapse

    Amazing! So brilliant.
  8. Opportunity to fix bugs?

    Unfortunately the list of unfixed bugs has been removed when the support forum was removed? Edit: My bad, they're here:
  9. Is the new Switch conversion an opportunity to fix bugs in the PC/PS4 versions?
  10. I've looked through the scripts myself with my own eyes, and I'm a developer (albeit web) by trade. I was also the person who launched "Grim Fandango Deluxe", which was a fan attempt at doing what DF would do themselves with Remastered.
  11. It's been three years since this we created this craziness #funtimes
  12. This is wrong. They had complete access to the original 3D models, they just decided to improve them with lighting instead of remodelling.
  13. Hmm. The game was (essentially) written in LUA, which is a scripting language. As such it doesn't need to be "recompiled" as the engine just runs the scripts when the game loads. (This is also how ResidualVM works.) DF had complete access to the game's LUA scripts, as everyone does with a few simple tools, and built a new engine to run them. There was not really any "reverse engineering" going on. Does that answer your question? You can read about LUA and GF here: https://www.grimfandango.net/features/articles/lua-in-grim-fandango
  14. The klimt-style painting in Manny's casino

    I can't remember what you're referring to. Do you have a screenshot?