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  1. well, i'm not offendend by giving others the opportunity to pre-order and thus support the game at all, by you guys doing an additional pay-pal round but there *must* be some kind of plus for us "being-there-"backers that made this whole thing possible in the first place. i'm self-employed myself so i pretty much know that you guys can use (and just as well deserve) any cent that could possibly be put into this project but still, i'd rather vote for something like this: *) 20 bucks, pre-odering only the game *) 30-50 bucks, game and documentary i'm sorry if this sounds harsh to some of you but i agree to some others in here that feel kind of, well, that this is going to get rid of all what was being there at kickstarter felt when when we finally reached *this goal* of making all of it all possible. just my five cent. -aprodigy
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