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  1. Backer Blu-ray Production Status

    Got mine today (sweden)! Looks awesome
  2. Backers at Physical Levels! Please Check Your Email!

    I mailed fangamer and asked and the reply was "We are sending the surveys in waves, so you should receive it in the next few days!". So I guess we just have to sit tight
  3. Backers at Physical Levels! Please Check Your Email!

    I backed at the $100 tier and I haven't received any mail or KS update either.
  4. Backer Blu-ray Production Status

    I think it looks awesome
  5. Please let me cheat?

    I'm just like you, not 20 anymore and got a family and are playing night-time. I almost played through the whole game without cheating, but at the last map I just couldn't make it. So I fired up cheat engine and had a go. HP and XP can be found as floats. Takes 2-3 searches for each character to find the HP values, 1 or 2 searches for the XP values (they seem to always be located near the HP values' memory addresses). I couldn't find where or how the age values are stored so you still need to watch out for the enemy that increases your age. One find was that the amount of moves left for each character is also stored as a float. It begins as 2, and then decreases to 0 when you have no moves left. If you set it to 2 and mark it as "active" with cheat engine you could take out a whole map with one character in one turn.
  6. Isn't this a bit like "stealing" the money that would have gone into the studios next project? Anyway, I'm glad you won't have to cut the game in half. I have no problem waiting for a great game, and as others have said, the documentaries more than makes up for it.
  7. Now I see the swedish option. Going to try to get some done this weekend.
  8. Hm, can't see swedish as an option anymore. Is it a permission problem?
  9. Aser & Rabster: I've started on ep1, but it takes a -lot- of time. I'd be happy if you could check my translations so far and help with the rest.
  10. Got mine today, XL shirt. Although my poster was a little bit damaged in the corner.