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  1. I appreciate the open communication, but I am annoyed that a supposed veteran of the video game world could screw up design this badly! You have a budget, design around the budget how is it this hard?
  2. If you look at the first (or possibly second) Doc episode he says that he didn't have any ideas for the game before the kickstarter ended, because he wanted to show people the whole game-making process
  3. True, except if the customer is also a chef. In which case you might be on equal footing, or at least have a good chance of spotting something they missed. Also, there's the point that you don't cook food for chefs, you cook it for customers. There could be something that you think is fine because you're used to it, but to average people it seems off. Not sure if that's applicable here, but it's still good to have open communication nevertheless, especially when we think there is a problem. Even if it's pointless it doeen't really cost anything and it might potentially avoid one or two problems here and there.
  4. Well, as I said, if the prohress we'd be seeing here would be in realtime, then yes, the critiques would have some value in it, but as it's now, the critique is from my opinion pointless, as the thing critiqued is most likely already been corrected, or is on to do list, in the natural progression of things. And given that DF seems to have pretty competent animators, all the rough quirks will be ironed out before the release. That's certainly true for technical issues, but the animation might be a stylistic thing (I don't know I'm not an animator or anything) and in that case it's good for the community to express it's opinion. Also, you never know when they might miss something because they're more focused on bigger issues and it can be good to remind them that you think there is a problem early so it's easier to fix.
  5. P and M easily my favorites. Though it's a bit hard to tell considering how rough the drawings are
  6. This was awesome. I'm going to be kinda dissapointed now if any of this doesn't make it into the final game. Especially the bunnies.
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