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  1. That's awesome news, I didn't expect such a quick update! And thanks a lot for answering, by the way! Pure Double Fine style, keep it up guys!
  2. Wow, I've spent 6+ hours a day playing this gem since its release! Are you guys planning to release new material (missions, villains, snacks, rooms and so on) or is this it?
  3. This! Plus, who said adventure games are so strictly connected to the point and click interface? You can play point'n'click adventure games and adventure games which use a different gameplay mechanic. Has anyone heard of this game named Grim Fandango?
  4. Indy 3. Not much time later I got to play Monkey 1. Heck, these two games have changed my entire life!
  5. The second work is astonishing! Awesome stuff!
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