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  1. Toasty!! (I've always called them grilled cheese.)
  2. Episode 20: We Did Our Job

    I don't want the journey to end. Excellent work by 2PP - your documentary series was a huge, huge part of this experience in giving the backers an inside look at the development process for Broken Age. Will be watching this final episode shortly.
  3. PhD student seeking to talk to you!

    I just finished the interview - it was really enjoyable! I was surprised at how much I had to say. JF was really cool, and the process is very relaxing. If anyone's interested in participating, don't hesitate to post here or send ClapBedon a PM. The more data, the better!
  4. I dread the inevitable BTTF remake/reboot movie.
  5. Finished last night and very much enjoyed the game. Act 2 was tougher and had a nice variety of puzzles. I rather liked the wiring puzzles, because the game gave me an opportunity to use the understanding I developed previously. Thought the knot puzzle was well done, too. I liked that instead of everything being cut and dry, I had to try and fail a couple times at different puzzles to better understand them. The difficulty curve felt appropriate and fair.
  6. When will you play ACT 2?

    I don't think I have the energy to play much tonight, but I'll try to start Act 2 then play it more tomorrow.
  7. HYPE

  8. I'm not voting since I didn't back at this tier, but if I did my choice would easily be horizontal!
  9. That was one hell of a roller coaster. It's hard seeing people we've gotten to know and care about over the past 3 years be so stressed out and exhausted, pushing themselves so hard to make the deadline for completing the game. I'm very much excited for Act 2 as well as the final documentary episode, but it's very bittersweet to realize the whole journey is almost over. This has been an amazing ride! Much love and respect to everyone at DF.
  10. Broken Age Act 2 - Metacritic

    I'm not just hyped. I'm 2 HYPE. Very excited to play Act 2, both for tougher puzzles and the conclusion of the story. It's been one hell of a ride.
  11. IGN has a look at the first 12 minutes of Act 2. http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/03/23/12-minutes-of-broken-age-act-2-on-ps4-ign-first
  12. Congrats on the big milestone - really excited to play Act 2! What a journey!
  13. My ego is satiated from nearly 3 years of exclusive documentary access. May the world enjoy these spoils! In other words, I think it's a great move to make the documentary open to all.
  14. Steam achievements?

    Tank controls or bust. The only way to play!
  15. So excited for tomorrow!

    Have fun with Grim Remastered, everyone.