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    18 year old LDS (Mormon), Geek, Programmer, Amateur Game Developer, Whovian, Trekkie, and other cool stuff. Included in the list of people Nicholas admire are legendary game developer Tim Schafer, gaming idol Shigeru Miyamoto, the late Steve Jobs, gaming revolutionary Gabe Newell and many others. Currently Nicholas studies Information Sistems at UTFPR and pretends to get into the gaming industry, work at Double Fine, and create his own game company in a latter date.
  1. Xj03NJvJ4z0 Finally! Here's something (hopefully) watchable. I hope I'm not too late Be wary of strong accent, backer tshirt and cheesiness (not Cheeseness) inside. Proceed at your own risk.
  2. Quick question, I recorded my video but the lightning was garbage because it was at night. Could I re-record it and upload it tomorrow or will my entry be dis considered? Thanks for being awesome guys and girls!
  3. I know I'm late for this, but since it is a game about two people looking to break free and probably for adventure, why not just call it "Quest for Adventure" or simply "Adventure"?
  4. I couldn't help but read your comment in the voice of Hamm and laugh.
  5. Another Brazilian here. We should find a way to easily find Brazilian backers. And wow, 1% is really not bad. I though I was one of the few backers in Brazil. Nice to see there are other people form our country with good taste.
  6. I'm not really sure if it is an adventure game, but if it is, I think it would be Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster and the Beanstalk. I played that game a lot and loved it. But if we were just counting more "proper" adventure games, it would be the original Monkey Island, which I played for the first time in 2010 in my iPod touch. I loved the game so much I beaten it in just one non-stop playing day, and enjoyed every single second of it.
  7. Mostly minor stuff, but it becomes very annoying to read. At least to some purists. Hey. Being a Brit playing US adventure games can be immensely aggravating. They don't use nearly enough Us over there. Yeah but I think the difference between Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese Portuguese is bigger than the difference between US English and UK English. I've had quite some experience with all and I believe what I said to be true.
  8. Yeah that's my greatest concern too, maybe we can translate the game after we play it, like in beta?
  9. Although most to all the backers speak english, there are a lot of other people who do not. So for the non english speaking Brazilians, I think it would come very in handy to have the game in Brazilian Portuguese even if the translation were made by Backers like me. So if you speak Brazilian Portuguese and English and you would be able to help, please, proclaim such intent here and let DF know about is and how we can help. If you are in a position where you could help DF know about this initiative, please do so, we would (well at least I would) be more than glad if you did so. Thanks for all your time and help, Nicholas
  10. I think that for EFIGS DF can hire someone or whatever they do to translate to those languages, but I totally agree with you in concern of languages other than those. In fact, I already offered them help to translate the game to Brazilian Portuguese, since I already help translate some Valve games and the Steam client itself. Unfortunately, I haven't received any real response yet
  11. Portuguese (brazil) here! OBA! Outro backer brasileiro, eu imagino quantos de nós (brasileiros) estão aqui...
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