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  1. Thank you for this ep!!!!! I almost cried twice! Once at the user video at the end. Great work on this doc guys! I really appreciate it and it's inspiring to see you guys sticking with it, keeping the quality up, and doing all this extra stuff like amnesia and the midnight city promo (and the mighty no 9 stuff!!) Fan, Luke (Oh, and Double Fine's pretty cool too!)
  2. These are just scattered thoughts I wrote while watching, sometimes there is timecode 1:00 promo video amazing! penn was great 2ppp joke was great 4:40 great ending wonderful sandwhich!
  3. That orchestral music was emotionally overpowering! Great episode
  4. great episode guys! Game looks ABSOLUTELY beautiful based on those shots in the update. Wow!! Love the paint strokes! - sidequest 11:58 - I totally feel it. Awesome. -- I love those deep synths in the background.
  5. Timecode notes: Thank you for this! (Moment between Tim and the voice producer (~17:00 mark)) 33:22 - this is great, so real! ‎ 38:57 - this music sounds amazing! 41:38 - amazing! (violin hit) 41:13 - just perfect! -- So excited for this music in the game! 44:43 - this outdoor stuff is just awesome 45:26 - awesome shot (vista) sweet docu-mentary! Thank you! Thank you Thank you!
  6. I reeery like that you posted this. Having a lot of video editing experience myself, it was really cool to see the 'raw edit' and compare with what ended up in the episode. I also feel like I have a better understanding of Chan's place and the shoot itself. I agree with whoever said they'd like to see more of these! Good work guys!!!!
  7. abso-awesome love the credits sequence and the last shot
  8. A 1990s era shopping mall Lamp Factory Picasso's living room Convenience Store on the edge of the world 1980s or 90s era video arcade local swimming pool desert taco stand lawyer's office Job Interview world made of fine nuts (cashews, pecan's, roasted almonds, peanuts, pine nuts), world of nuts! geyser theme park paper route working at mcdonalds recycling/sorting facility re-election rally house built into base of a mountain (think iceland) suspension coil for a motocross bike (you're tiny enough to walk along it, it takes up like a whole screen) (it's horizontal for some reason) Space Roller Disco Bar on the ocean floor (only serves plankton)
  9. I love the pixel font used for dialogue, art looks GREAT! Production values look HIGH!
  10. Comment #1 (from when he first introduces the game idea) "DO IT! DO IT!" Comment #2 (from end credits) "Thank you everyone, so much!"
  11. Love this thread! Love the inside info on the tech! Love the timely responses! Woo!
  12. I like the charcoal grey. Also, these shirts look better than I imagined them on the kickstarter. Wishing I would have pledged enough to be eligible for one. Should I have voted??? Will you sell these to backers who did not pledge enough to get one free?
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