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  1. I loved it! Numpad key shortcuts for dialogue options were something I sorely missed (I kept pressing them and wondering why they wouldn't work, lol), but other than that everything was awesome for me . More red herrings and complications would have been nice, too, but this was great imo (although maybe implementing different difficulty levels like in Monkey Island 2 MIGHT have pleased both backers and casual gamers).
  2. You just made me realize that's something I really missed! I kept looking for random places to click at even though I knew there wouldn't be anything there, and I felt that there weren't nearly enough of those. That kind of thing used to add a lot to the humor in this genre, and I feel that this game could definitely benefit from it (especially Vella's storyline in the first two settings). This doesn't sound like it'd be difficult to add in terms of programming, either.
  3. +1 to the age difference UST thing, sob.
  4. You know, I was going to say the exact same thing! This feels like an (extremely meta) wink to us old-timers who played point and click adventure games back in the day :'). However, I think I should mention that Castillan Spanish sounds awkward to the Latin American public in general since most media tends to have a "neutral Spanish" (usually Mexican Spanish) and a Castillan Spanish version nowadays. That is to say, if you're catering to the niche nostalgia market it's perfect, but if you want to engage new audiences... I don't know how someone from Latin America who might download Broken Age as an app on a whim would feel about this kind of translation, for example. They might go "ugh, Spanish from Spain," and it might be an instant turn-off for them, because that's kind of a thing. Just my two cents, though! *I* love it. |D
  5. I'd originally added an extra $10 to my pledge, but I wanted to be part of the welcoming committee too, so! Welcome, Chris!! And, please don't mind our evil laughter. It's just for show... maybe.
  6. Yep, charcoal or light grey for me! I voted for charcoal because I liked how the DF logo doesn't get lost between the letters the way it does in the other two options-- I know you'll fix things so that everything will be easier to read if you decide on the charcoal version, but it'd be great if the letters and the DF logo weren't the same color so that you can tell them apart from a distance more easily! Those are my two cents, and they come from an art-challenged person, so take them for what they're worth.
  7. Congratulations, Majus!! It's great to see you'll be around here too! hehe
  8. Just here to agree with those people who are for keeping it private except for periodical project updates meant to maintain non-backer interest in the project alive! Besides, people here are bound to leak out certain information anyway, and some of it will probably slip by DF, depending on how well concealed it is... Non-backers should at least have to search for it. Make it so, if they can get it, at least they are showing true interest!
  9. Because adventure games should not be dead!
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