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  1. Depends on which engine they used and such and it wouldn't be an impossible task. Honestly I can't think of how they will be remaking Grim. I assume from scratch since they probably don't have any of the old assets which is a shame, but would they stick with the original shape and style or redo most of the game to look much more appealing and modern to other audiences. And I'm sure Tim being Tim had lots more planned so do you think it'll be a basic update or a whole new retelling of the story we love?
  2. I would love to see more enhancements to the game but with LucasArts apparently secretly non-officially working on DOTT before they were shut down Disney can allow Doublefine to finish off all the bugs whatever was left for a perfect remaster. I would also love to see a full throttle and sam and max remake/redux/Hd remake whatever in vain of the Monkey Island games. Now is a perfect time to bring back adventure games into the mainstream with their popularity recently increasing from companies like TellTale Games and German Development teams. Hope to see more in a Broken Age update or just out to the public. Good luck to Doublefine.
  3. Finally a reason to get one! Can't believe Sony teamed with DoubleFine AND Disney that's just risky but the right kind of risky.
  4. DANG! Did not see that coming to Sony or anything ever again. What do you think? Will it translate well to controllers or to modern graphics or will it keep most of the original aesthetics ?
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