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  1. I have another question about the rewards as well. Are the signed art prints an exclusive reward at the $400 level, or is it available for all higher levels? I am funding it at the $800 level, and although it says "all previous rewards", the "signed art print" that is under the Rewards list for the $400 level never shows up again for the subsequent levels. The "+ all previous rewards" and non listing of other previous rewards afterwards is kinda confusing me. This questions had been asked by others on the Fig comments section over the last few days but no answers were given, could someone clarify on this?
  2. I think the expectations on Doublefine is alot more higher than other Kickstarter or Early Access developers (as it should be). DF is already an established developer with a set track record and team that was fully formed. Other kickstarters were teams that are just being formed and has no structure in place. DF had such a headstart infront of other Kickstarter developers that caused all their presumed failures to be under much more scrutiny. This higher standard and scrutiny, however, i believe is justified. This is largely due to Doublefine trying to buck a trend of going past publishers and directly to consumers. What they don't realize is that consumers have similar or higher expectations than publishers do. Originally, DF despised Publishers for criticizing DF's work and questioned whether DF's games make financial sense, now DF are face to face with the Customers who are actually saying that DF's work is not worth their money. To be honest, this is a bed that DF made for themselves. The situation that DoubleFine is in now is a place where they wanted to be originally; To be directly responsible to the Consumers. Whether the Consumers react negatively or postively in an extreme fashion should always be expected (as there was overwhelming positive feed back when it started). These things goes hand in hand. Tim already said from the start that this can either be super successful or be a complete failure. Now it seems it's both, they started out with the best intentions and the best start any kickstarter could dream for, but now, it's some of the worst PR a legit game developer could have.
  3. The news brought back memories of me designing Grim Fandango levels on Little Big Planet. I'll just pimp my levels here http://lbp.me/v/q9jtq8 and here http://lbp.me/v/qj0kwx and thus declare that I got Grim Fandango on Sony Platforms FIRST!!!!! But in all seriousness, this is good news all around. An HD grim fandango on PS4/Vita is better than no grim fandango at all, and if it comes out on PC as well, then that is just icing on the cake.
  4. I have to agree. Considering the timing of this announcement came just 1 week after the end of the massive chalice kickstarter, you cannot help but think that something shady is going on and that DF deliberately held this information back until the MC kickstarter if finished. There was already criticism of DF starting another KS when broken age is not even released yet, and now saying the funding of 2 Million (minus costs and goods) from KS + Tip Jar + Humble Bundle + Steam discounts, and it is not enough for the game is just adding fuel to the fire. Yes, some of you who claim to be "in the game industry" will argue that DF is a big "indie" company (no they are not), and have multiple teams working on different games (which flies in the face of what "indie" is). But the fact of the matter is, the DFA kickstarter was essentially an experiment using a new method of payment and game funding, away from the "evil" publishers who want creative control. It is an experiment which should be proven right or wrong before further resources are poured into other similar experiments, especially when being done by the same company. The fact that Brad had said that they were already close to a publishing deal, but because publishers are "evil", they'd rather pursue an unproven method of game funding that DF itself is having difficulties delivering in. You cannot expect supporters not to doubt your decision making at this point. A lot of good will was generated when DFA originally began. Gamers have heard DF's history, with the turbulent production of Psychonauts and Brutal Legend; MS dropping Psychonauts and its long development cycle, the turmoil of Activision after acquiring Brutal Legend and the lawsuit with EA and DF. Us gamers got it, we feel for you, game publishers are "evil". They screwed up your development, they mishandled your product, they rejected your ideas. Game publishers are "evil". But now that you went to KS to directly get in touch with fans and the evil publishers are gone, the same type of turmoil exist. The only difference is that what used to be issues inside closed doors has become a statement addressed to the world (like Tim said, warts and all). Can you really say the negative feedback as unwarranted? Can you really blame people for losing confidence in DF and question their support of Massive Chalice? I really hope this works out for you guys, but what used to be an experiment full of potential have become a proposition and half measures full of ifs, ands, or buts. What used to be a company that was held down by "evil" publishers is now simply held down through no fault of anyone else. I'll be hiding under a rock now. I don't want to hear of anymore of this, and I would just like to be surprised when a boxed copy of Broken Age arrives in my mailbox (in whatever year that may be). That's all I want now. All the best.
  5. I just went to steam and it says that The Cave is not available in my region. What's up with Doublefine region locking their recent games? is it a licensing issue? Kinect Party Middle Manager of Justice The Cave It's getting harder and harder to play your games. Come on doublefine, i have money, please take my money!
  6. Hello, I am Matthew from Hong Kong. The first "colored" pc game I played was DOTT. Although I had a yellow and black monitor at the time, it still ran DOTT through a "yellow scale". After a week of playing DOTT, the suppressed colors apparently revolted and blew the circuitry of my monitor. This forced my dad to finally upgrade to a colored PC monitor. DOTT will always be remembered for bringing color to my PC gaming.
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