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  1. I think a lot of what you're seeing is the difference between neutral ground discussion and discussion here where devs are more likely to read it. People will be more frank and open with criticisms in a neutral discussion area then they will be in a locked down discussion area on a small developer's site. Real overall opinion is probably somewhere between the two leaning a little more towards what's said here (internet trolls love to hate and skew hate numbers).
  2. Sounds like the best plan for going forward so best of luck and hope it works out great! Tough situation to be in, especially when you're that close to the project. I must say I'm a bit disappointed it's come to this point though and is only being addressed this late. Seems like damn significant overruns beyond even the norm for the industry (if there is such a thing as a norm). Hate to see a finished game that I've backed or the quality of it be put at risk due to scope creep and lack of oversight and checks & balances. It's going to be tough to try and put off playing the first part early so I can play it all together. Not a fan of cliff hangers in stories where you can't continue the story when you want like seasons on TV or book series that take years between books. I find it tends to take away from the story when it's broken up. Now back to re-reading all of the WoT series so I can finally finish it and read the last two books...
  3. I just don't want to support this kind of general thinking. Double Fine are leaders in their field and their attitude will trickle down, soon we might be reading Forbes articles about How Double Fine leveraged Big Data to increase profits or something like that. This goes against the whole screw the publishers attitude the project is built on. I think giving people the opportunity to share data with Double Fine to help them improve the product can be a good thing, but it should be explicitly opt-in, ex: Options > Share GamePlay Data I agree with this, it's the principle of the matter really and what it could lead to. I don't really think Double Fine is going to horribly invade my privacy and sell all my secrets to the KGB; however I still don't like information leaving my computer about what I'm doing if I haven't expressly given permission for it and a line note in a EULA that says I did if use the software doesn't count. Especially not after already having 'bought' the game. Other companies already do this where you can opt out of sending supposedly anonymous usage data.
  4. Not sure why everybody seems to put so much emphasis on 'replayability' or that it has to be attributed to it being a different experience every time. I guess I can understand that for a $60 mainstream game as you want to get your monies worth out of it but this isn't that. Much better to have a focused and excellent story and if you want replayability it can offer it in the way that a good novel or movie does; it's damn good so you want to re-experience it.
  5. I've funded Wasteland 2 and am following Shadowrun and will probably fund that as well. That will probably about max me out for the time being. That and I want to see how some of these projects go before jumping on others that seem even shakier in planning and ability to follow through.
  6. I see adventure games as very much like an interactive novel. Their purpose is to tell a story in an interactive and graphical manner. As such I think one of the great strengths of a story is having a proper ending and you can really only do that if you have one. It also means there's largely a single path through the story though perhaps different ways to accomplish a specific goal at a given time. So for me I want one ending. You can maybe give a small nod to certain choices of solving areas of the game but it shouldn't change the climax of the game but more-so be recognition for your unique participation. Multiple ending games can certainly be good as well, don't get me wrong, but they tend to generally have weaker stories and are much harder to get right. They also end up being VERY weak in any sequels as the developers basically have to choose what path is canon and build on it, thus negating many of the player's choices and experiences from the previous title.
  7. For now at least I won't be funding. As someone who's not at all familiar with the name and not really familiar with her works (didn't actually play the GK series way back) I must say that pitch video and kickstarter page leaves me just confused and giving me absolutely no desire to put money forward. I think videos like DFA and Shadowrun follow the right formula. Quickly introduce the main players, what they should be known for, what specifically the money is going towards, why the money is needed this way as opposed to traditional methods, how the team is in place for the job, and what backers can expect going forward. I can understand that for a creative person it's easy to get carried away and try to make some slightly odd video to show off your creativity but it's not really the place and if I wanted to over-analyze that it would make me nervous that there's a creative person loose without someone to keep that in check and focus it.
  8. Loved the episode! Now to begin impatiently waiting for the next
  9. No thanks. Doesn't fit with an adventure game at all imo nor do I want a considerable chunk of money going towards adding multiplayer and testing it.
  10. I think I'd be fine with any of the above. The main thing that I feel is important in this decision is making sure the engine and design avoid having to control a camera or that becoming a hassle. I think simple controls that allow the game to get out of the way of the adventure and story are best and 3D engine certainly can easily get in the way of that if not careful.
  11. If it all falls apart I'll still think it's worth the money I put in as long as the updates on the process are detailed. I think the game will at least be decent though, I don't really think the team on this is going to royally screw things up; especially without a publisher making demands about the outcome. So consider me not worried
  12. I don't see the harm or benefit in trying police information getting out, it's going to happen. I see these as more the forums where people may have more of a say and where discussions can happen with backers as opposed to exclusive info space. I think this should be the only place any design questions are posted and where updates on development should come from (or the kickstarter page) and not officially posted elsewhere. But please don't waste your time trying to keep it all under lock and key.
  13. I'm definitely here for the process not really to give feedback. Too many cooks in the kitchen tends to lead to trouble.
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