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  1. Do want I want it on PC too I don't have an iOS whatever thingy. What is that for anyway? Phones or tablets or both or something else new and exciting that I don't have?
  2. Wow, it's looking great! I want to play it now It's so much fun seeing this part of development, and knowing I helped in some small way makes me proud. I love the art style too. There's too much "realism" in games today, and they don't seem like games anymore. Just movies that I click a button occasionally. We need more "old-school" puzzle adventure games. I agree with Alecs above about the interaction/difficulty. It would be great to have this as a toggle, or set to off on a higher difficulty setting. If it's not possible, I don't care. I just want to play the game....stick me in cryo till it gets released
  3. Definitely! Also, I usually only play games with puzzles, and I like the inventory/combine-these-things system. Also, I'm a pointer & clicker, so yes please! I love these behind-the-scenes videos, and the humour. I've always loved the humour in Tim's and Ron's games, so looking forward to that!
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