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  1. unfortunately i have all of those. do you know if there is anywhere online with a complete list of all the cards?
  2. I searched the forums and couldn't find a thread like this so... I want to collect all the Creepy Treat Combat cards but i dont want to keep buying boosters and end up with a pile of doubles (i already have a pile going). So is there anyone out there that wants to trade?
  3. Thank you vigor. that was my problem. i had no idea you were supposed to be using the information on the note to find the book.
  4. yeah this is incredibly frustrating. there are 3 lines of code where? and match what to what? i understand this is just a prototype but did anyone actually think this stuff was intuitive if you had no coding experience?
  5. to me, if the game isnt great its not the end of the world. I put in my money for the experience of being part of this whole crazy experiment. as long as these forums still exists and all the promises Double Fine made about what we'd get for the money get fulfilled then im happy.
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