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  1. Maybe it turns out to be a success and make forums more active or something. For such stellar titles lately, Double Fine doesn't seem to sell all that much, while still being enough profitable.
  2. As someone who isn't good arranging things to top lists, I figured out a method. I started to watch playlist, I paused near end of each video that managed to make me want to vote on them. This was a good method since you were allowed to vote as many you like on that list.
  3. Why there was barely any "enemy" variation in the first Psychonauts? Why psychic powers can be manifested in a real world? Why an otherwise ordinary animals know how to utilize psychic powers? Will Psycnonauts 2 contain romance between Raz and his "girlfriend?" Please say no... Will the minor characters like Milkman appear in the sequel?
  4. Now this will be likely answered in that PS4 exclusive and/or Psychonauts 2 game but it's still nice to speculate. As much someone changing their mind is nice, it still doesn't really redeem what he tried to do. Assuming their world uphold various laws, I would think it as a serious offense even though the game's tone is comedic.
  5. What happens in that bathroom, stays in that bathroom. Or outhouse, whatever.
  6. Genetic memory of Napoleon? That doesn't sound really plausible in a world where people can sneeze out their brains and survive.
  7. It was left a bit ambiguous if that one guy in the first game was genuinely insane or his ancestor known as Napoleon actually came to haunt him. It would be cool if he was part of the story somehow, even if as small cameo.
  8. oh, fair enough. He has gancer and it seems incurable. if anyone wants to know. interested what you meant then. Actually, advancements of medical science gives him hope. But enough about that...
  9. And he is entitled to that. But I'm not sure as to why he's considered an authority by so many (actually, I do know, but some people would call me an ass for saying why. ). Are you referring to his condition? Because sympathy can be a powerful weapon, just saying. While I like Totalbiscuit, it's true that even he is wrong (shocking right?) like when he made Nazi Zombie Army game to be sock puppet having been playing way too many zombie horde shooters and then bashing out one that is actually quite damn good. He didn't give it usual WTF treatment of playing game of a few hours before making his video. Which was damn shame considering after that point game shows what it's really like once the tutorial area has been finished. Essentially there are sniper zombies with great mobility and stuff like that making it to stand above many other horde shooters. Anyway this is getting really off-topic now but just saying.
  10. Okay, I probably end up canceling my reservation when the time comes. Partially due I have no experience what investment really involves (handling legal side of it, especially since I don't live in US) and co-optional podcast warned me about supporting this project too much.
  11. Oh my god! 66%! Tim Schafer is growing horns at this rate.
  12. I reserved my share since it doesn't oblige me to follow through. Their FAQ is so outdated that it doesn't even mention this option being possible (in fact claims that only rich people can invest.) So I live in Finland and was wondering how this differs from a rich person investing to this project. Idea to sending tax forms to US from Europe doesn't seem appealing idea.
  13. It makes sense when you think about it. People who understand English well are more likely to back it than those who don't or their English is really poor. Some really demand their French etc localizations or they don't buy a game. I'm pretty sure they have that covered but those consumers want those kind of confirmations.
  14. I would like to also have shed some light of what other camp members do as psychonauts if they end up joining them. It's just some stuff like, their common powers and how they benefit their cause. Unless the world fears their existence then I could see many of them making in medical field like curing people from their insanity like Raz did in the first game. Since Raz is protagonist the story probably will imply that he is exceptional compared to his peers but I would still like to see how powerful an average psychonaut is.
  15. Ooh 60%. If the rate keeps up since a lot of people don't immediately pledge then the things are looking good. I suspect that majority of the backers are from US as it seems to speed up when there's a daytime.
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