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  1. I'm Meaghan, 24, from NYC. I'm a game designer trying to find work in this crazy awesome industry and have been a gamer for longer then I can remember. I love games that are interesting and fun but most of all, make you want more. I tend to favor adventure games with unique characters and stories and puzzles games that are just that right amount of difficult that challenges more and more but you don't want to put it down when you think you're stuck. RPGs and MMOs are lots of fun too. I wanted to back this game because, like I said, I love a good adventure game and I know that Double Fine can make such a game. I wish there was a tier that let you join the team and help design the game back on Kickstarter because I would have given Double Fine all my money just for the chance to help create one of their games. I've played Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, Costume Quest, and Stacking. I even played pre-DF stuff like Grim Fandango and Monkey Island. Their just fantastic games made by fantastic people that I wish I can be like (or already am like and don't know it yet). I also like anime, webcomics, drawing, listening to podcasts (especially the funny and informative ones), shows like Doctor Who, movies like Back to the Future and Ghostbusters, and a lot of other nerdy stuff. I can also crochet a bit and like finding art things I can do with my hands that I can turn cute and/or nerdy (like hand-crocheted Mario mushrooms and octopuses).
  2. I'm trying to make my way into the industry as a game designer. I majored in Multimedia and minored in Game Design in college, interned at Games For Change as a production intern, then worked at the ESRB as a game tester and recently interned at Fresh Planet as a game design intern. I'm still looking for work though. There's no way I'm going to give up on wanting to create fun and interesting games for the masses.
  3. I believe Grim Fandango was my first adventure that I ever actually played myself. When I was a kid, a lot of the adventure games I watched were played by an older kid (usually the son of one of my mom's friends that we were visiting) who would never let me touch the computer in the illogical fear that "you don't know how to play" or "you'll just mess up the computer because you're a kid" (of course years later I'm the one people go to for tech support help heh). Then one week my mom needed to drop me off at one of her friend's houses everyday because they were working on something to do with teaching (can't remember what) and the older kid of the family finally let me play a game on their computer, Grim Fandango. They mostly wanted to make it easier to keep an eye on me but I had a lot of fun playing that game and appreciate it more as an adult (or whatever you would call a 20-something nerd).
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