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  1. Lower right corner to open the inventory without the inventory button.
  2. * The world inside of your fridge * A village in the clouds * Future earth where our jellyfish overlords live * Polite, no BRITTISH polite cannibals club * A country where it's illegal to stop dancing * Nazi moon base * A place where everything is edible (gingerbread house?) * A small island in the pacific populated entirely by girl scouts, where cookies are currency.
  3. It's nice that you're using this engine, but what about the tools for making scenes and that stuff? I'd love to see some open-source tools for adventure game rapid development.
  4. I absolutely love the art style and parallax/depth scrolling. The character design, not so much, but I'm assuming that's not the focus here.
  5. I'd love to be counted! Proudly using Kubuntu and Linux in general for 7 years now. Glad to see Linux support!
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