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  1. As I played through again I found myself thinking more about the writing for the game. I know this is a two week prototype so the writing perhaps won't be as good as the writer wants it. I had some ideas about the characters. Character wise I don't think most of the characters stood out as much as they could have. For instance during AF it was said that the secretary would have a sort of German heritage to where his sentences are broken. But I didn't get a sense for any of that happening. There are a couple ways to fix this, if you do something have him occasionally drop a German word in the conversation instead of in English. Things like if he were to say verboten instead of forbidden, they sound similar when said and you get a sense of he isn't from this country. Another way to possible deal with establishing character is by having them talk about themselves. The secretary can talk about the old country or how and why his parents left the home country. It's a small thing but it creates a fuller world with those little details.
  2. Let's all put down our suggestions for the game. I played the Dear Leader prototype, which was pretty fun. I think I also broke it because things stopped happening, as well as the search edict going away. One of the things I think this game needs is more area's then the office. Places like a factory or a town hall where when you've renamed a city. As it is I feel things get a bit static when you aren't dealing with edicts or ministers. Also if you ever need a full time writer, I'd love to work on the story and dialogue for the game.
  3. It seems twitch didn't save the morning stand ups for some reason.
  4. It seems twitch didn't save the morning stand ups for some reason.
  5. Name Ideas 1. Wodeians 2. Balmers 3. Potato 4. Poleska's 5. Bantan
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    Similar Games

    There is the web based game, Nation States, where your decisions effect your country. While it is a bit simplistic in its nature, its fun to see some of the choices you can make and possibly ally yourself with other nations so people don't attack you. http://www.nationstates.net/
  7. When all else fails, Spoon will not! All hail the spoon overlords.
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    Similar Games

    Cool! I'll check it out. ! Keep em coming guys! Be very careful with Crusader Kings, the game lasts forever and ever. That and it takes a while to learn exactly how to play. You might be better off checking out Let's Play's of Crusader Kings.
  9. Hmm...I'm not sure if you guys need it. But I'll try and work on some dialogue for the characters to say.
  10. The should should be unique enough that I think that they should represent as many aspects as you can. From the simple act of deciding on the fate of a peasant who has stolen, to the more complex of sending a hero out to round up fighters to continue the war. I would advise against rewards being too extreme, they become hit or miss and players won't do them if they feel that they are continually screwed over. If you can find a nice balance of having mundane and epic side quests it would keep things fresh.
  11. I both like and don't like that idea. I like the idea for literary reasons, but in game terms it could be skating on thin ice. One of the absolute worst things a game can do is to "criticize" a player for failing. Especially in a mocking, teasing, making-fun-of sort of way. I've played games before where, when you die, the game displays a message like: "What's the matter? Not easy enough for you?" And a bunch of other messages along similar lines. It makes players angry at the game (because, hey, maybe players are dying because your game just isn't very good?) and at the people who made it (is this game more entertaining to me, i.e. is it fun? Or is it more entertaining to the person who made it, i.e. some kind of of ego-stroking torture device?). In a lot of literature, the fool is the only person who can criticize the ruler, and in the third person that is great. But keep in mind that the ruler is also the player, so the fool wold have to be *criticizing* the player, and while that's not guaranteed to go wrong, it absolutely could. A very good point, AnAnemoneInAnonymity. It would be no fun to mock the player. Perhaps if the Ruler were overly wrathful the Fool would be the only one who could safely offer suggestion. . . but when the Ruler is the player that's probably not a great fit for the game. I'll disagree, I think it depends on how a fool is portrayed, I also don't think mocking is that bad of a thing. And again it depends on how it is done. Also he doesn't have to mock how you're doing in relation to battles but the state of affairs of the kingdom or just general jokes. I would also like to point out that the argument that it could go wrong is pretty weak, any idea could potentially go wrong no matter what the creators do. If they disregard the idea for the fool, I hope its for reasons other then it could go wrong.
  12. Well, the only recommendation I can make is the adviser be the immortal rulers fool. He's the only one who can make fun of the king without getting into too much trouble, but is also someone that he will turn to in times of trouble because he is honest.
  13. I'm neither for nor against bards named brad, which is a must if you have bards. I feel like if you really want this class in the game though, you really have to set them apart from other bards in other games. Right now I don't see the need for them as you can easily have characters do their own buffs, which to me would feel more strategic. They could be awesome but I just don't feel it right now.
  14. The thing missing from the list so far would be slippery. Time is such a slippery thing, it goes so quickly and slips from your grasp. Like how mud can causes people to slip and slide around so much.
  15. Giant Smile: The character cannot stop . It acts as a morale boost to nearby teammates if this character falls however morale will take a hit. Also one tooth may fall out but does not ruin the smile.
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