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  1. When going between scenes in cutscenes the subtitles sometimes jumps from where it was to a completely different spot.
  2. Black Screen after getting the second star chart if you grapple the one in the top left. Can see and move cursor and get the menu to appear. Happened 4 times. The other one works. Win 8.0 Intel HD Graphics 4000 Intel core i5 2.6 GHZ 8 GB RAM
  3. 1. Click once to select an item and be able to use it on multiple objects. Don't like the drag and drop. 2. Be able to set more than one button to a function (for example i and mouse 2 to open the menu)
  4. Interface suggestions

    That's great! I didn't know that. I edited them out for some new suggestions.
  5. Freezing issues

    Freezes two times for a second or two every time after starting the game (in game, not menu). Going back to the menu and then continue the game doesn't make it freeze up. It takes about 10-15 seconds before the first freeze starts. Sound and music works. All animation stops and I can't move the cursor. Win 8.0 Intel HD Graphics 4000 Intel core i5 2.6 GHZ 8 GB RAM