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  1. Noooo... The fact that Point-and-Click Adventure games aren't commercially viable was a flat-out admission right from the beginning. Now, that said, Double Fine has invested a lot of time and money into the tools for this game which they will have at their disposal in the future should they decide to make another game. Going forward, even games of the same scope will be much more efficient and thus cheaper to make, should they choose to. Even then, they probably aren't going to be commercially viable.
  2. I believe Steam is 30% revshare but so far as I can tell, only Psychonauts is available on the Humble Store. If that's what you're looking for, I would go that route. Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, Stacking, Costume Quest, Iron Brigade and The Cave are all available through Steam.
  3. The second half will come as an update to the first half. It will form a complete, singular game. Ostensibly, the second half won't ever actually be available on its own. It's basically DLC. Whether non-backers will have to buy the second half in addition to the first remains to be seen. That seems like the best way to commercialize the product and still actually make money rather than just break even. Tim has very clearly stated that backers get the whole package without any additional cost beyond their Kickstarter pledge.
  4. Yes.. right next to the word ESTIMATED. And they're ESTIMATED for the original goal.
  5. You think game development is all smiles and taps on the keyboard? This is your education sir. Money controls all. There was never going to be any game without banging some heads against some budget issues. How those issues get resolved is irrelevant, it's still a major part of the process. No one pitched the Sesame Street Game Dev. Edition... They already made that game. Tim said you'd get to see the process, warts and all. Here are your friggin' warts. You can whine and fret over it, or you can embrace and enjoy it. Your call.
  6. This is exactly why they feel they need to deliver the best product possible.
  7. They weren't ready for the sausage Tim! They weren't ready!
  8. Mark Cerny's Method: Myth #1 - It is possible to plan and schedule a game's development. People, go back and watch the Kickstarter video. You weren't promised a game at all. "Either the game will be great or it will be a spectacular failure caught on camera for everyone to see." The game may yet be great, or it may yet be a spectacular failure. Either way, it's caught on camera for everyone to see.
  9. Guys! Guys! People are being stupid on the Internet! Sound the alarms! Alert the authorities!
  10. This is a very good point. I actually knew that, because I have it. I just haven't actually gotten around to playing it yet (Humble Bundle). That's definitely the way to go, I think. I hope they continue that way going forward.
  11. I am entirely supportive of breaking up the game into two halves if that's what it takes to get it done. When the idea of an episodic game was brought forward, I was immediately apprehensive. I assumed there would be two games, two executables, two completely separate entities, as TellTale, for instance handles their games and which I hate. It was a pretty big relief to read in Tim's post that the second half would, in fact, be an update to the first and by the end of it, there would be a single whole title. With that clarified, all apprehension has been eased. I am all for it. Have at it. I do still have a little bit of a worry regarding Steam Early Access, since it's still new territory in many ways. I have absolutely no issue with the game going that route. I just hope it doesn't come up short of expectation and end up solving nothing at all. So fingers crossed on that.
  12. As a default, I would say SPACE. The issue seems moot if you can remap keys and why wouldn't you be able to remap keys?
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