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  1. Sure. don't see why not. Would sure be fun to watch a 30 minute run.
  2. Act 2 I could have done quicker on vela's side by not fumbling with the pipes, by doing the No Retreat section without messing with the smileys. For both Vela and Shay's side I could have saved a little bit of time by knowing exactly which dialogue options to hit to advance, I sometimes exhausted for no reason just because it was quick and I didnt want to miss anything by accident.
  3. My act 1 time could have been improved by doing the friendship circle before the train, and by grabbing the creatures in one go, and by better navigating the floaty section. The vela part of act 1 I think I was pretty much on par.
  4. Hi guys, I made and uploaded a video of me doing the "Let's get this good time over with" achievement. I hope it helps some of you get it as well. E1yG7apc4Cg
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