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  1. Good idea. I've wanted to show some of my non-backer friends segments of the videos for a while now.
  2. An update for Team Fortress 2 hit earlier tonight, and based on images and the item schema, it seems we have some preorder promos for The Cave. There will likely be an official announcement soon. Prize Plushy Engineer misc-slot item. No more carnival games for you! Why buy three throws for a dollar and a chance to win a prize plushy for your paramour when you can just get one from the source and carry it around with you wherever you go! Grizzled Growth Engineer misc-slot item. Whether it's the rugged charm of your chin locks or the fumes from the overripe pomade, the ladies are sure to swoon whenever you're near. Shave it off while they're dazed and pretend you saved them from a bear attack when they awake. Works every time. Last Straw Engineer hat. Do you love farmin'? Do you hate the sun? Well shade yer noggin, grab yer hoe, and keep yer scattergun handy to scare off any varmints might come a-trespassin'. Two miscs and one hat for the Engineer. They look pretty nifty; I'll probably preorder as soon as I can. What do you think?
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