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  1. No, it's impossible for anyone but the Twins to get into the house. The Time Traveler can't even phase in.
  2. The instant I saw the hermit for the first time I thought "Hermann Toothrot?"
  3. What about adding The Mobster (early planned character that was ultimately scrapped and replaced with the Monk) back in as DLC? Then again, he was apparently cut for a reason. http://grumpygamer.com/5694081
  4. I haven't done the Time Traveler and Monk yet, but from what I know I'd go with this. Pride: Adventurer. Envy: Time Traveler Wrath: Monk Sloth: Knight. He wants the glory of being a knight but is unwilling to do any of the heroic duties expected of one. He was also too lazy to close the gate. Greed: Scientist. Gluttony: Twins. This one's a bit of a stretch, but Gluttony can be interpreted as any sort of desire for excess and overindulgence. The Twins want to go outside and play all the time. Lust: Hillbilly.
  5. I'm glad I wasn't the only one reminded of I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream. Only less horrifying.
  6. Well, Ron Gilbert is going to be involved with DFA, so it's safe to consider The Cave a taste of things to come. And I agree, the black humor in this game is great.
  7. Out of curiosity, does anyone know just how much control Sega has concerning The Cave? I noticed in the title screen it lists the game as being owned by Double Fine, not Sega. (Which is weird since every past DF game was owned by the publisher, but I'm not complaining.) Maybe Sega's influence doesn't matter when it comes to the game being on GOG or not.
  8. From what I understand this is how it works. There are a few general areas that will appear in every playthrough. These areas do not require any special abilities to clear. In addition, every character has their own special level that will only appear if the appropriate character is in your party. These levels require that character's special ability to clear, but nobody else's. Once you pick your party, the four levels that would be unwinnable (if you could reach them) get sealed off from the playthrough, so there's no such thing as a "wrong party."
  9. Wasn't Pirates of the Caribbean going to be a Monkey Island movie at some point in its development?
  10. It is going to be on Steam, and it could help introduce some non-adventure fans to the genre. Then again, I'm not sure how much it helped Sam and Max...
  11. I love those games. So many good memories... I wouldn't mind if the DFA was similar to Humongous' "Junior Adventures" in terms of artstyle, but it shouldn't take too much of a gameplay influence from them. All the Junior Adventures had incredibly easy puzzles (almost as if they were meant for children or something...) One thing I really liked about those games is how clicking almost anything would get a reaction (even if it was just a quick, stupid animation). I miss that.
  12. Eh. It all depends on what the story is. If there's some kind of villain in the plot, then yes, there should be a showdown at the end. (It's not Monkey Island unless you get to face off against LeChuck!) But if there's no real villain character, they shouldn't bother trying to force one in.
  13. Really? I think lately Telltale's been making the exact opposite mistake, in fact. Everything from Back to the Future onward has focused entirely on the story, with the puzzles being very, very simplistic. While it's the writing and atmosphere that makes an adventure game memorable, it's the puzzles that make it fun to play. I wouldn't call either aspect more important than the other, because ignoring either of them is foolish. That's actually a big factor in why I donated to this project (besides loving Tim Schafer, of course). I need my adventure game fix, and Telltale's gradually shifting away from a proper adventure game. I don't even want to talk about Jurassic Park.
  14. I love the old Sierra adventure games, but their sadistic "throw pie at yeti" puzzles won't sit well with a modern audience. (I wonder how Telltale's King's Quest revival is going to turn out...) So which games should the Double Fine crew play for inspiration...well, I don't see a point to answering that. Most of the games I'd suggest to Tim and Ron for influence are ones that they've made.
  15. Our first glimpse at the game. We now know it's at least possible a character will say "You put the 'stink' in 'instincts.'"
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