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  1. [del]LPBB just showed up in my library so the issue may be fixed now. Also try restarting steam if it still isn't showing up.[/del] edit: And it disappeared before I could try to play it.
  2. This was just posted on the humble support twitter http://www.twitter.com/humblesupport/status/423276473785397249:
  3. The game should be available in your library for install and play since that available date on the store page should only apply to people that pre-order through steam now. If the game is not showing up in your library try restarting Steam.
  4. The Amnesia Fortnight eventually had 1080p downloads available from the humble page, so I expect this to work similarly. As for when, from Greg's post: But it's not clear if this will include subtitles, or if new episodes will be available for immediate download, or on a delay.
  5. It's supposed to be pretty much instant, but you can sign up when you get the code, they don't make it a hard process. Well I have tried twice to get an activation email sent but 20 mins later nothing. If you haven't already, make sure to check your spam folder for the activation email. Otherwise I've heard humble's support is pretty good so you could contact them if you are still having trouble. But I wouldn't be worried about rushing, since the link DF will be sending out should bring you to a page which will have your steam code and any other available downloads based on your backing tier. Having a humble account simply allows you to "claim" that page, making it easier to get back to, rather than needing the original email or having it resent.
  6. which is only a fragment of one of the incantations in the examined file. Yeah, similar case here. My incantation was: which matches one from http://pastebin.com/KUGyj3rq but with "THEE BOND INTO REALMS FO" removed. So it looks like there is some morphing being done to the selected incantations to make them more unique. I ran it two times, a few minutes apart and got: @Noughtceratops MwFzn24NANcGuSR7cfFQ8PnwAN8FrbJlK3qQNdfObPPb8VtgrJZMkTNtHpzTsYP45vw4ALGYc9YwOrgXJJzi2Q== and @Noughtceratops u2jJ4qXVCv8ZO+dc+bjTkoN3Ce5DzHGQwU+1iDKppaJ5hpt4kzuXnqt0Hfp5ptPIJceTuqRwdxVE7mUrKtRoEw==
  7. First make sure you have the full file, 12,976,128 bytes (~12.3 MB) on disk. The first time I attempted to download the file I got one only about 1/10th the size. Once I had the full file it extracted fine using 7-zip after removing the ".jpg" to make the extension ".zip." Also for those that missed it here is the message that was in the subject of the original image:
  8. Got mine today, just three days after confirmation email (shipped to Rhode Island). 2XL shirt and button #13 Thanks Double Fine and Fangamer!
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