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  1. I thought this was especially refreshing. Act 1 felt like the typical adventure game where you completely wreck other people's lives just to further your own ends. I feel like that's usually where games end; puzzle over, you win. In this game, I got to see how people had either moved on with their lives or were still trying to pick up the pieces, and I even got to help them along.
  2. I guess it was either that or 87. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/doublefine/double-fine-adventure
  3. So sacrificing maidens is fun at first but after a couple of years it gets tiresome? Ooooh, you mean the daily routine inside the mog! What's the meaning of the annualized game franchises looking like monsters from the outside but being more or less pleasant from the inside? I think that fits with the theme of a divide between consumer and creator. From a player's perspective, we don't usually see the sausage getting made, so we tend to think that the game industry is all fun and games. From an indie's perspective, competing with huge companies churning out AAA games is a harrowing experience. Transporting Shay and Vella to each other's world is the transparency and dialogue that the industry needs.
  4. I'm sorry if I'm repeating the obvious, but I think this game is about indie developers vs AAA developers, and bridging the gap between consumers and creators. Vella and the villages represent the indies. They're doing their own thing, and maybe some of it only makes sense to them, but they're all creating colourful crazy stuff. Shay represents the players, and the Bassinostra is the annualised game franchises. It's fun at first, but it's repetitive and soulless. Loruna is the AAA game industry. Very risk averse, putting up a wall between consumer and creator. The only way to get past the publisher wall is to become a part of the system, i.e. getting eaten by a mog. This seems attractive to the indies who want to be a part of something bigger, and the AAAs have realised that without any new ideas they will wither away and die. So when the players see something interesting in the indie community (Shay's instincts), the AAA companies swoop in, buy up the indies and strip them for parts. Bringing Vella and Shay together represents giving control back to the creators and the consumers. And it couldn't happen without You, the players of Broken Age, representing the backers.
  5. Just thought it was really cool that one ship is controlled by weaving and the other is controlled by and you even had to . I kinda wish there had been more of that, instead of the wiring puzzles.
  6. Yes. In act 2, Shay and Vella have to depend a lot more on each other.
  7. I think the US requirement is on the other end; the payee. Anyone in the world can give people money on Kickstarter, just like anyone in the world can order stuff from Amazon.com.
  8. Scandinavia represent! Add us together and we're at 8%, same as UK! Very nice considering we have roughly half their population.
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