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  1. Anyone confirm how these are working with Hybrids or if they are at all?
  2. I always find it amusing that the entire room is awaiting your awakening...and not a single person is looking at you. I know it's a talking Chalice and all, but HELLO immortal ruler come to save the world...over here! Hello? Anybody?
  3. Yeah - I'm hoping it applies some bonus otherwise the value/draw of those bonuses drop significantly.
  4. Now that the hybrids are in, how do the outer region class bonuses work? For example - bonus Strength for caberjacks if you build in the Salt Stacks (or whatever). Does that bonus now apply to only pure caberjacks or any caberjack hybrid class?
  5. Hi everyone, With the release of the hybrid build, I thought I'd challenge myself on my next play thru to mix things up even further. I've already beaten the game using the vanilla rules and three base classes and wanted to try something different to mix up the challenge and remove some of the min/maxing the game design naturally encourages. So, my "Line of Succession" mode followed these basic rules: 1) Play blind. Whatever heroes I get, I have to keep. No reloading the game or bypassing heroes due to their stats. 2) The Houses that I start with will be my regents for my Keeps 3) The oldest of the House will start a bloodline, regardless of stats 4) The regent's partner must be the most experienced Hero within 10 years of age, regardless of stats. 5) When the regent dies, the heir must follow the line of succession. This means the oldest child, regardless of stats or age. If there is no child, then the next oldest relative will take the throne. 6) I allowed myself to pick my combat alignment (2 cabers, 2 hunters, 1 alchemist). The most experienced of each class, regardless of stats or House, were selected as my Vanguard. Overall this was a quirky, fun, and very challenging way to play. Watch my spectacular failure here! When I try it again, I'm going to amend some of my rules. Namely, I'm going to make sure the partners are of different gender and that both the partner and regent are fertile. Dealing with adopting orphans on top of the other self-imposed challenges just seemed excessive. Also, I realize now that my preferred combat alignment won't hold now with the hybrids entering the fray. So, I'll just pick the 5 highest experienced Heroes, regardless of class, to be my Vanguard! ICZZfAiDB1s
  6. Yeah, as I said in my OP there certainly is a personal level of taste when it comes to filtering aspects. What one person deems fine another will consider silly and immersion breaking. Letting us mark bloodlines we don't want to see again would be a good first step. Allowing us to create our own would solve it. I just don't see much point in the current system. Or maybe the silly bloodlines are really just that bad?
  7. I get and support what the MC team is trying to do with the "serious" themed bloodlines vs. the sillier bloodlines, but all that is made kind of moot when you force a ridiculous nickname onto my themed hero. Hey, I got a chuckle out of "Mr. Pancakes", too, but that and nicknames like "What's-her-face", "Bootlicker", etc. just kind of make the whole exercise pointless. Obviously a lot of this comes down to personal taste, too, which is why I hope the ability for us to customize our local experience is eventually added (bloodlines, nicknames, etc), but in the meantime it'd be nice if MC carried their serious vs. silly markers across more than just bloodline names. Otherwise, why bother having the separation at all?
  8. I'd like the ability to for a "Partner" to pass down their relic to their immediate sons and daughters (I get that grandchildren and great greatchildren may be too hard to track or too diluted in blood). Currently they can only pass it off to their siblings, nieces, etc. Anyone that shares their last name. From a fluff standpoint, relics should go to their bloodline not their last name, imo. The Partner is not just some leveling tool, they pass on their traits and blood to their children. Relics should recognize that. There are no "pure bloods". The Muir relic will never go to a Muir/Muir. It already goes to a Muir/ hybrid. The fact that the same relic can't go to a /Muir hybrid seems silly.
  9. 300 years seems like a good amount, though I admit there wasn't much to do the last 50 years or so. I had researched all I wanted and combat was a bit of a bore/too easy with my 5 caber wrecking crew. Wouldn't be unhappy if it was moved to 250 years at current balance. Otherwise they need a better spread of enemy difficulty and/or elite versions. Also +1 for something to do with unused action points besides wasting them. Defensive buff, offensive buff, overwatch, whatever. Unused resources just feel like wasted opportunity and lessen strategic options.
  10. I kept running into the year 30(ish) wall for my first three games, getting wiped by Bulwarks. So, I shared your experience early. Then I had a personal breakthrough and got to the end game relatively easy on my 4th try. It's an interesting learning curve, but once you get the hang of it I'd agree that the mid-game is actually too easy. I've read that Hunters are OP, but my gang of 5 Caberjacks in Boneshell armor and Sponge Stones were a regular wrecking crew as well.
  11. Tried this 3 times and got the 0 HP Chalice freeze all 3 times. This last try I counted the waves and I saw 4 teleport in plus the initial wave = 5 total. So, I think/hope this is just a matter of the win condition not triggering. I held out for a long while after that last wave, so I assume there wasn't supposed to be another one, but hard to tell without a round counter. Happy I made it through 5 waves at least, but man...wanted that win screen. Maybe I'll try an earlier save to see if that one is glitched as well. Also emailed my save game in case it's helpful at all.
  12. Just finished my third game (I've been playing until first party wipe) and the Bulwarks are definitely my white whale. First battle (somewhere around year 35) wipes me. The Lapses and Ruptures were a threat, but mostly an annoyance, but the Bulwarks represent a quick shift out of easy-mode and require a more careful strategy. If it were just a few, I think I could manage it, but my party can't seem to handle the 5 or so on the map in combination with the swarming Ruptures. High hit points, accurate multi-hit attacks, and damage soak. Nasty stuff. I am actually enjoying the challenge! Until they hit, it feels like the game is fairly straight forward (combat-wise). Making me rethink my starting game experience and how I select heroes for battle vs. duty. I've been saving my "best" (meaning those with the least amount of bad traits) as my regents and/or partners, since I'd rather have 1 good hero breed 3 more good heroes rather than lose the gene pool on the battlefield, but that's leaving me with some serious scrubs doing the fighting in the meantime
  13. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to look for that during my next game.
  14. I've played my first couple of games now and am generally having a great time. Game seems very stable - only encountered one graphical issue thus far (reported in the bug forum). Most of feedback items are minor UI quibbles and I tossed in a few suggestions/wish list items as well. Suggestion: Wasting Action Points doesn't feel satisfying. Give us something to do with them if we don't want to move. Overwatch, Buff our accuracy next turn, Buff defense next turn, whatever... Suggestion/UI: Is there cover in this game? I kept trying to hide my alchemists behind pillars, fences, and such, but it wasn't clear if he was in any cover or, minimally, hidden from enemy view. I'm assuming there is no cover, but it'd be nice knowing if a current space is minimally "safe" based on current enemy LOS. Suggestion: Give us a way to flag/remove bloodlines we don't like or would like to see again (in future games). Or, alternatively, let us rename keeps/heroes. I know the latter is unlikely given your backer obligations, but I don't want to be forced to have a "Graceland" either. UI: Install back/close buttons. I found myself initially confused how to exit a screen. It wasn't so much the "X" buttons, but the placement of them. To me the current placement too often looks like it's just closing that pane of the screen or even deleting the item (in the case of research). One of those things that I got used to quickly, but it was an initial point of needless confusion. UI: Clicking the banner of the hero to close the info screen and select another hero was not immediately obvious. Again, one of those things I stumbled into, but my first instinct was to look for a next/prev arrow (like in Xcom) and when I couldn't find it, I had to close the hero screen and click replace again to select a different hero until I accidentally clicked the banner once and went, "oh...duh". UI: Let us go between heroes currently on the deployment screen without closing out, selecting the next hero, clicking to open, etc. Seems like a lot of unnecessary clicks. Again - next/prev arrows, please!
  15. Thul

    1.03 update?

    Minimally it fixed the issue with events stopping mid-game. Previous to 1.03, all events (raiders, friendly ships, debris, etc) would just stop popping up. I was finally able to finish a game with 1.03
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