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  1. ... Did anyone else get White Birch vibes from that Vane reveal trailer from PSX?
  2. [spoiler....y] * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * .... Remember to crouch (right-click).
  3. I don't get LPBB in Steam either - but there was no problem using the direct download link on the Humble Bundle Redemption page, so it's no biggie .
  4. That's not the kind of whine it runs on (http://instantrimshot.com/index.php?sound=rimshot&play=true). No? ... I'll see myself out.
  5. Oh man, that is so awesome! Thanks for the linky.
  6. Although it would be nice, this is probably not realistic. With the limited time available at AF, it would be insane to try to develop for more than one platform, so that would mean developing said prototype for Mac from start to finish. Without really knowing the difficulties involved in porting to Mac, and with DFs (apparent) main development platform being PC, I'm guessing this would still mean a bit more work, than just doing it for PC... which again translates to even less time to polish the actual prototype. [edit] Then again - If AF blows up and becomes a valid source of revenue, due to the curiosity of gamers everywhere, then perhaps time could be set aside after AF for extra polish and/or porting (I know I read somewhere that some of the earlier prototypes got some after-AF finessing). But that's some pretty wild speculation on my part...
  7. Thanks a bunch for the link! I missed that this was the video with the Play Day footage, due to the old episode stuff at the beginning of the video (FYI - The Play Day stuff starts at about the 01:15:00).
  8. ... I'm super bummed that I fell asleep as the Play Day Live Stream went up . (the live streams starts something like 11-11.30pm for me - I'm on the wrong continent). I stumbled upon another Live Stream on Twitch by Greg and Amarisse when they had the playthrough of Bad Golf CE (btw - great work on that!!!), and after that nugget of gold, I had hoped that there might be a saved stream of Play Day, but alas... ... also, I really don't get Twitch. What's up with the archived streams with material from the 2PP docs - but in several iterations, of wildly different length (http://www.twitch.tv/doublefine/profile/pastBroadcasts)? Is that an artifact of the rerun-system or something?
  9. [del]No, that was 'potatoes' [/del] [edited] Whelp, answer to removed statement now irrelevant.
  10. I see no problem with this solution. Split it into ten minute arcs if it helps the financing situation for all I care ... I can (probably) wait to play the game when it's completed, but even if I can't, I'm more interested in seeing the game being All That It Can Be, rather having the content cut. Also - as others have pointed out, I feel I have gotten more than my money's worth following the team's journey through the eyes of 2PP. I'm with you all the way Doublefine! (and I'll probably gift the Steam early access thing to my sister while I'm at it).
  11. Yup - obviously my choice of Worlds Apart is based on incomplete information. I have no problem with Broken Age - or any of them for that matter. We'll see how they fit the game in time .
  12. I liked how 'The Divide' rolled off my tongue, but with the information given, it feels to specific for the girl - so I voted for my second favorite option: Worlds Apart.
  13. I have that same problem. Sort of. I activated my key on Steam and got the Costume Quest and Happy Song prototypes, but for the new stuff, I get that same error (and none of them are listed in my library as downloaded). Edit: I'm an idiot. There are direct download links on the AF website. Tried those - Black Lake works perfectly (and I'm hoping the same is true for the rest of them )
  14. Davids hair ... so swooshy All of these are *awesome*... I'm just waiting for DF-Avatar changes happening right and left around here
  15. Ohmanohmanohman! I'm watching the AF Game Festival right now... I reallly wanna play all these games! I love the shiny 80s retro design of Autonomous. It's going to be a blast trying that out. White Birch has ambitions that I can't help wanting to see come to fruition. Go team White Birch! Hack&Slash; really tickles my nerd-bone, and I can see Spacebase DF-9 being a total timesink. As for Black Lake - Holy shit Levi! How did you guys create *that* in two weeks?!?!?! So pretty!
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