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  1. The Environment Day 9

    Mario 64 is great, but Metal Gear wins everything... Hideo Kojima ftw~
  2. The Environment Day 9

    At this point saying the environment looks great seems redundant.
  3. It's alive!

    Only one bedroom with a lot of beds for every creature in the base, and one single person bathroom at the far end of the space station.
  4. Black Lake Art

    The fox kinda reminds me of that dog from The Thing when it bursts open and the alien's tentacles push out from within, haha. Only those vines/legs are more natural(I guess?). You should steal some of Jane's vines from the white birch for the forest. That spider looks great as well, if it made it into the prototype it should rip down a tree at some point just to show off it's power. Lovin' it, lovin' it, it all looks great!
  5. It's alive!

    I didn't realize one of those floor tiles was a ying-yang sign till just now, that's awesome. Update: I poorly animated the door.
  6. Cool Debug Stuff

    Woo Debug-visualization! What would Developers do without you?
  7. Black Lake Art

    Can we get hi-res versions of some of that art? I love that character! Maybe a black lake wallpaper? O:
  8. General Spacebase DF-9 Thread

    We know Whitney! She used to work at Double Fine! That explains why she seems awesome! I figured the DF folks knew her some how, on twitter it said Greg is following her, that's the reason I mentioned the name.
  9. The Environment Day 6

    It seems that at Double Fine y'all model a lot more like CG Film production rather than low-poly game meshes, and I love it! Great work Jane! I can only hope to be as awesome as you are!
  10. General Spacebase DF-9 Thread

    I was just browsing tumblr from a game designer(Whintney Hills) I saw on twitter and found this on her tumblr and it SCREAMS space base. Figured the team might like it as well, btw her blog has great environmental reference all over it! Update: Oh here is her blog url:
  11. Is there a chance we(the community) could get the scale for the game player height, player height crouching, etc to be used for creation of art asset that we could throw at Team Autonomous that they might, probably not, use. Could allow for a better end result prototype and hey, if the art assets suck then don't use them, no harm done eh? I'm sure there is some random junk like 80's futuristic colorful tires, metal panels, etc that could be used for scene props to fill out the environment. Furthermore I suggest to the art team that they create prefabricated walls of junk to snap together and build the environments. Repetitive, but good for fast prototyping. Would love to know what others think of all this, be honest! I love to know when my ideas are dumb! UPDATE: I figured out I can just reverse engineer the scale based off of the map first pass and dimensions.
  12. Story Idea

    It was a cold day in Michigan, the year was 1995. Far above Earth in a ship of unimaginable technological advancements sat a young alien, bored to tears, or the alien equivalent of tears. After a short period of time he decides to take a trip down to the surface of Earth for fun. The alien disguises himself as a young human boy. Later he meets the girl and they fall in love. (Perhaps she could not know he is an alien? Maybe it could be a "shocking reveal" later?) Anyways maybe the government would try capture him and she helps him escape Earth. That last sentence may be a bit too expected. Needs something more original. Just an Idea!
  13. I write in my notebooks all the time, for whatever I am working on. When I was a kid it was floor plans for buildings. When I was a bit older it was ideas for video games I would make with this little program I had to make games. After that it was programming and code ideas. After that it was floor plans for video game maps I would make. Now days it is a mix of Environment plans, code designs, video game ideas, or just drawings. It is probably the best way to express your ideas. Typing them into a computer can not compare to having the freedom of plastering ink onto paper.