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  1. Honestly I am done with this game. I do not even want it anymore. This project was my first Kickstarter game and in the meantime I already enjoyed or enjoy several other finished games which include 2 fantastic 50-100 hour RPGs... I lost a lot of trust in this Company and even I really loved Grim Fandango as a kid I do not think I will buy it anymore. Especially with the recent early access and other game events. Double fine needs people who actually can manage budgets and deadlines. Many companies already would have gone out of Business with such a lack management... So yeah Farewell Double fine.
  2. Well, they're people who have all recently made games which have had adventure elements to them or at least have tried to tell stories in different ways. I think he was just trying to get lots of different perspectives on what was enjoyable about adventure games, so he talked to *Adventure game fans that work for him *Writers he's worked with in the past *People making different sorts of story games *People making modern adventure games. *Ron Gilbert *And of course, he has access to these forums and reads them. A good spread of people to talk to. Should always make sure to learn from as many people as possible, it's the best way to ensure you're not mentally running in circles. In the end he clearly decided that this game needed to be something that did have puzzles in it, even though he admires the approach Sworcery took to their thing. It can't hurt to get the opinions of a wide range of people, but it can help you get unstuck from your comfort zone and make the great things it's possible to make by exploring a little further. I've never made anything of any worth when my starting point has been: 'okay, I want to make something like that cool thing I made before'. All my best work comes from directions I don't expect, and I think that's true for a lot of people. But that doesn't mean that the new thing can't still evoke similar feelings to the old thing. It's just that you have to come at it sideways, or it'll forever elude you. While I agree that it helps alot to talk to many people, why do you want to talk with people who A have not played Adventuregames and B are totally different from these Point and Click andventure games. Take Portal for example. Different persepective Different controls Different interactiction with the world and you as player different puzzlemechanics different way of storytelling and presentation. etc. There is really nothing you can get out of this. If you really want suggestions or if you want to try to innovate this genre than talk with people who made Adventure games and talk to people who are still making these games. See what has changed for the worse and for the better and than try to get something out of it. Just dont talk some other developers who had some reccently or indy like successful game.
  3. Ok than lets say its a bad adventure game. I can see how people like these kind of puzzle games but for me this had nothing to do with an real adventure game. But, what is a "real adventure game"? The genre's a lot more diverse than you think. The whole Myst series and the slew of games like it are adventure games, but of a different kind. So too is Machinarium. You have an idea of what your adventure game preferences are, but to say that everything that doesn't conform to your preferences is "bad" makes no sense. You don't like that style? No problem! There are plenty of other games that probably do fit your tastes. I dont think that games like Myst or even Machinarium can be called Adventure games but more puzzles games. Also we are talking here about a Point and Click Adventure game. And for me these are games like Monkey Island, Broken Sword, Yesterday Runaway and so on. Not games like Riven and co.@Sexy Robot: Why does this game have to offer something new or must be remarkable? The whole process in Kickstarter funding and the video documentation are more than enough for that. Games can be good or even great even without offering new ways or innovative features. For all this he budget is way too small in my Opinion. I rather want a great old school Adventure game than a try to revolutionize or innovate the genre.
  4. I do agree with this. They also took out a ton of hot spots and their related responses for anything not directly used to solve a puzzle or open a new area. I still think the original PC version of Broken Sword: Circle of Blood/Shadow of The Templars is the best version, even if it doesn't include the new extra chapter in the Wii version (I assume it's the same for iOS and others). As for Machinarium, it's a different style of game. It may not be your cup of tea, but that doesn't make it a bad game. Ok than lets say its a bad adventure game. I can see how people like these kind of puzzle games but for me this had nothing to do with an real adventure game.
  5. What's just wrong is this kind of head-in-the-sand attitude towards so called modern "junk". Of COURSE they should ask people who have made adventure and puzzle games recently what they think about the medium. It would be silly not to. Last time Tim made this sort of game is 1998, and contrary to popular belief the medium hasn't been dormant since then. Yes, he wants to make something that will appeal to the fans of the old games but that doesn't mean placing himself in a bubble where the last 15 years of thinking on story and game design have never happened. It makes total sense to see what people are thinking right now. Doesn't mean you have to go in the same direction - indeed, it looks like this will not be like what those games are. But it would be the height of arrogance for Tim to assume he has nothing to learn from the people who have been making adventure and story driven games most recently. Again I backed this project up because I think that most modern Adventure games are very bad. Especially the ones who try to appeal to a much wider audience. Yes Adventure games have changed but not for the better. For example I hate what they did to the Directors cut of Broken sword. when thy put some random jigsaw puzzles in it just to open a gate for example. These kind of puzzles are really annoying when they absolutely do not make any sense to be there in the first place. Only because something has change must ot mean its changed for the better. A wider audience does not make it better. Yes it will probably sell more but it can seriously have an impact of the quality of the puzzles, the mechanics or the game overall. In my Opinion Tim should not try to look at modern adventure games but more look back at his old games. He should asking himself why people loved these games and why people actually backed this project. Was it because they wanted a modern Adventure game or was it because people actually want nostalgia etc. I am not asking him to make the game in the scumm engine or with the exact interface and so on. But possible asking himself of removing fundamental things like puzzles from back than or an inventory system is way too much in my opinion. And if he really want to get feedback or some suggestions. He should go and take a look at games like Gray Matter or the recently released Yesterday Because these are really good Adventure games without losing too much of the old school feeling many modern Adventure games like Botanicula or Machniarium dont have.
  6. I must honestly say that so far I really dont like the concept of the game. Of course it is way to early to hate the game but after the first artwork and this video I really concerned that this will be not like the game I was expecting. Personally there should not even be the question of having puzzles or not. It should not even be a question of having an inventorysystem and so on. Also I think asking the Machinarium or even portal guy who has not even played most of his games is just wrong. I backed this project becasue I was hoping to get an old school Adventure game not some modern "junk" or even artistic game. I backed it up becasue I think most of these new Adventure games are really not for me. None or less I enjoy these videos but I alo really hope that my concerns are just wrong and I will get a really good and old school like Point and Click Adventure.
  7. Why don't you just read the original post... That character has nothing to do with the game at all, and the rest of the picture is an art and feel prototype... I have read that and the udate two did it not much better for me either. But Again I hoped for something like this here. or this: But I wont get everything I want I guess. Dont get me wrong I will still play this game but the artdesign ing ernally looks way off from what I wanted to see in the end.
  8. Personally I do not really like this artistic design. I had hoped for really cool comic look. And while the backgraound looks still ok the thing that i totally dislike is the character design. Guess I had wrong expectations from this game and the feel of it. But luckiy I will still have Larry and Moebius for good art design^^
  9. Someone did mention it! It's on the previous page Damn i missed that Ok two people now knew this game. But it is really worth posting it two times^^
  10. Hmmm I can not believe no one mentioned this one yet. Ripley's Believe It or Not!: The Riddle of Master Lu This one is a great Adventure game and most people do not even know this game. Yes it was released in 1995 and yes its now hard to find. But if you do play it. Its a fantastic Point and Click Adventure with good puzzles and a nice story.
  11. Why are we even talking about this? Since when was a console version even announced? making it also a console gmae does mean to dumb down the inventory and control system. And I am pretty sure many people do not even want a diasaster like the telltale games in terms on control.
  12. People were promised an old school point and click graphic adventure game and that's what they put their money behind. They didn't put their money behind an innovative coop puzzle or adventure game. Anything like this would need to be mentioned up front or people would be outraged and feel like they were lied to. Outraged? Really? That's a shame. I would enjoy a dedicated single player, and maybe a separate story for multiplayer. After all, the funds received was many times the requested budget. Nobody's done it before. Some people complained about a coop portal 2, but the end result was brilliant. Portal was a puzle game and Adventure game is not really a puzzle game.
  13. why would you wnat to put it in in the first place? Just play some facebook or flashstuff while thinking about stuff if you need to.
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