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  1. I absolutely agree. Wonderful work, and while the delays were a bit enervating, you handled them well and it worked in the end.
  2. One more question: Is there any kind of intended viewing order for the bonus material?
  3. To save me the trouble of checking which of these were already available on YouTube, could you be so nice and let us know which videos are the new ones? Thx!
  4. Thx for reposting and summarising the status quo, should be very helpful to anyone who stumbles into this thread looking for the missing content.
  5. Good to know. I'm asking here because my repeated questions on Twitter (https://twitter.com/2PProductions/status/447053641547915264) were ignored, no idea why …
  6. Just to make sure I'm not missing anything: The post-mortem episodes haven't been released anywhere yet, either, correct?
  7. Last time around, there were playthrough videos and a post-mortem episode – will that happen this time, too? (Tried to ask on Twitter, but got no reply. )
  8. Frankly, none of the options are good. All of them only refer to half the story … Off-the-cuff idea: “Destinies Askew”? In general, I think the title should refer to destiny, fate or something like that.
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