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  1. Episode 19: Last call

    Fantastic episode. Gotta admit I was crossing my fingers, hoping to hear some dirt on what publisher it was that cancelled the game (as it seemed like that /wasn't/ Majesco, right?) Putting my lust for gossip aside, I wish Double Fine the best of luck with the launch. Hopefully the game will be a big seller both physically and on console, so you can have that big royalty meeting
  2. Broken Age Casting

    OH MY GOD, you got Princess Bubblegum!
  3. Sidequest: "Look, the Clocks..."

    My favorite sidequest so far. Surprising how a fifty minute talk didn't have any lulls.
  4. Project Update 11: 7/19/13

    So with 2PP's holiday, I guess the next episode will be ready in 3 - 4 weeks or so?
  5. Thanks for the doc, dudes!

    I remember playing your games on Newgrounds ages ago (CannonCrotch, what whaaaat). It's weird that you're now a "real" developer.
  6. Esc should skip, while Spacebar should naturally pause the cutscene. Tim, is this your sneaky way of telling me I can't pause the cutscenes?
  7. PS4 or XBOX ONE?

    Xbox One has two great looking exclusives, Ryse and Dead Rising 3, but I'll be sticking with a PS4 for now. I never owned a 360 as it simply only had one exclusive game I had any interest in (in its entire life cycle), while PS3 has had tons of exclusives that fits my personal taste. I'm not too bothered about all the hubba hubba over used games and what not with Xbox One. I never buy used games or lend out my games, so whatever. I also don't care that the Kinect might be looking at me, big whoop.
  8. Console ports?

    I'd love a PS Vita version of this game.
  9. A New Double Fine Kickstarter

    Backed! This would be perfect on the PS Vita!
  10. Payments to Kickstarter aren't made until the campaign is over - that's in 28 days, after June 20th. So if you know you'll have the money by then you can support the project now.
  11. Project Update 7: 5/28/13

    Paragraph style is a lot nicer than the bulletpoints, I'm all for this!
  12. Are we officially over budget?

    I pledged mainly for the documentary.
  13. Don't like it at all. Too similar to Broken Sword.
  14. Project Update 6: 5/17/13

    I miss your livestreaming, Greg. You need to move on from being a producer to being an executive producer, so you don't have any actual tasks anymore and can just livestream all day erryday.
  15. The Making of the Teaser Trailer

    Very interesting, thanks. Lee has a very soothing voice, great for doing a voice over like that.