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  1. Just wanted to double check thank you so very much.
  2. Hi there I was just wondering if I could please get some guidelines for streaming the game. As in should I shouldn't I. If I do should there be a time limit on how long I play to avoid major spoilers? Anything at all would help a bunch I really want to stream this and get the name out there but I don't want to ruin it for anyone either.
  3. Very cool. The ones I picked were more stylized which is what I thought you guys were going for. These posters sure are fascinating though.
  4. They all seem cool First one http://paulsizer.deviantart.com/art/BROADCAST-TRUTH-Poster-204206206 http://paulsizer.deviantart.com/art/SOLAR-THEATRE-Russian-Poster-263427459
  5. Are you guys planning on covering it more in a standup or will you guys post about it in here?
  6. That level of passion for what you do is just outstanding. Wow
  7. That little tear from Tim at the end made me cry. This has been such an amazing project and I cannot in any way be happier to have been a part of it so far. The game is great and the team that made it is even better! I want to say thanks to Double Fine for being so open during this project and, thank you for letting me be a part of it. I hope this sells well and everything goes well for you guys. Thank you so much for everything! Also quick shout out to DFAnna And DfOliver for the help with 8 bit mode you guys are the best!
  8. That ending was epic! I loved it but that means Marik knows somehow I'm curious and it makes me happy way to go Tim!
  9. wait what 8 bit mode? 8-bit mode you know the thing Oliver spent so much time working on. The thing that let's you play the whole game with 8-bit graphics
  10. I already have a couple of times now as a matter of fact. Honestly I wouldn't be opposed to a second Kickstarter to help Part 2 along if that's what it takes.
  11. I'm going to list my wishlist you guys should too! 1) It needs to be much harder the toughest puzzle I ran into was unlocking 8-bit mode 2) I really want it to be a bit longer Machinarium seems to take twice as long as this (so far I know) so I'm hoping part 2 really stretches this projects legs a bit. 3) More Puzzles I feel like there were certain areas in the game mostly with Vella's world where there could have been more. I know Tim had said some cuts were made before this release in the documentary. If that's true please don't do it with part 2 That's it for me everything else is outstanding! How about you guys?
  12. Sounds like you need a bunch more items first explore around some more and it should all make sense.
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