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  1. The VHX link is broken it says video.doubelfine.com not video.doublefine.com.
  2. I think being able to switch between the characters was great! As the puzzles where not connected between the stories (as that are in dot) I could switch when I got stuck or liked some variety in setting. Just great design!
  3. Liked the ending I did not see that coming. Great cliffhanger! Can't wait for the next act
  4. As the embargo never happened and everybody is talking about the game now it should be possible to buy it and play it. Move the release date closer to ride on the interest now. It's more impotent to me that people get to play the game than that I getting to play it before non-backers.
  5. I like the first N. It looks like she is lying on a hill looking out over familiar surroundings feeling good about here life and here self and maybe thinking of the future.
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