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  1. Music

    Zeldastep: Listen to it.
  2. Post your Kickstarter Backer History

    That's neither sad nor scary. It is simply awesome.
  3. shadow of the colossus

    Because it's not overrated.
  4. Seem interesting, but that project isn't going anywhere at all.
  5. Shadowrun Returns In Progress Sunday Apr 29, 2:59am EDT $15.00 TAKEDOWN FUNDED! Sunday Apr 1, 8:04pm EDT $15.00 The Banner Saga FUNDED! Friday Apr 20, 7:00pm EDT $50.00 FTL: Faster Than Light FUNDED! Sunday Apr 1, 1:00am EDT $10.00 Double Fine Adventure FUNDED! Tuesday Mar 13, 8:00pm EDT $15.00 Wasteland 2 FUNDED! Tuesday Apr 17, 8:05am EDT $30.00
  6. The Moebius concept seemed the most interesting. I am glad that one won.
  7. 10 dollars, on GOG, you got 3 songs from the soundtrack, 19 wallpapers, 35 avatars, 22 artworks, 12 character cards, 3 authors' photos, and 24 sketches. Gamersgate didn't get any goodies.
  8. Humble Botanicula Bundle

    Just think of it as a donation to charity. The games don't even matter.
  9. Check out the new Humble Botanicula Bundle!
  10. It looks like GOG is going to give something to it's customers for free. Also Amanita said they will give everyone who pre-orderd the game, the full soundtrack, artbook, and a copy of Machinarium. '
  11. Content Rating

    I'd be fine with E10+ or T
  12. Humble Botanicula Bundle

    I bought it
  13. I bought it. I feel bad for all the people who pre-ordered it at full price though.