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  1. I was reading an article and it is said that porting Unreal Engine games do Switch is easier than initially thought. They even bring Psychonauts 2 to the table in the list of upcoming UE4 games (that could potentially come to the Switch ) https://csgmagazine.com/2017/05/08/unreal-engine-4-has-a-button-that-ports-games-to-nintendo-switch/
  2. Same here, it was an amazing experience to be inside the world of those characters you already like so much. I hope Double Fine creates more of those VR games of known IPs, or more Psychonauts VR after Psychonauts 2.
  3. I don't have a screen shot for it, but while i was talking to the Dead Eye sisters, they said i had to solve the riddle of yorn. Then, before i ask what the riddle of yorn was, i asked another question about another subject. After they answered me about this other topic, there was a new option like 'could you tell me about the riddle of yorn AGAIN' while they didn't tell me the riddle yet.
  4. 1. Stairs appear in front of Vella when getting to Jessie's nest: 2. When giving an item to F'ther (not putting in the baskets, but trying to give directly to him) while the camera is not in its far left position the subtitles will not appear in the right position 3. One of the creatures in Shay's minigame was almost too off the screen 4. Sometimes the subtitles were in the wrong position while Marek was talking in zoom: 5. Shay's neck is in front of his head when he puts the special suit before putting the child's helmet:
  5. eu posso comprar seu jogo em caixa quando chegar. me arrependi de ter feito só o tier de 15 dólares
  6. It's 19,99 BRL in Brazil ( ~ 9.86 USD) _o/
  7. Hi people, I was looking to buy these games since i've read somewhere they were funny point and click adventures like MI and Sam & Max, and they are in Steam's Dialy Deal for one dollar. Two games for one dollar! Even if they suck... just one dollar!! Since everybody here like the genre, i'm sharing the link http://store.steampowered.com/app/37400/ Hope you guys enjoy *sorry bout the bad english
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