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  1. Made a new, much better, explosion today. You can see it in action in this video Alex recently posted. BY THE WAY THE VIDEO ALSO SHOWS SPLIT SCREEN MULTIPLAYER AND THE GAME IS FUN
  2. Yesterday Alex had the explosions working so I did some art for them. I did a round of concept sketches, but once we started trying things out in the game it became clear I'd need to come up with something specifically suited to how things already work, since Alex needs to spend time on other parts of the game. The explosions are basically a bunch of player-sized spheres that burst from the location of the bomb. At first I drew a flame with a bright outline, but in the game it didn't look how I imagined it would. The coolest thing about the explosions is how the spheres flow against walls, giving the explosion an evolving shape. It became obvious that the individual parts of the explosion needed to blend together, emphasizing the collective explosion shape. Right now we're using a static image that is ball-shaped with a high amount of noise. I'm about to take another crack at the explosion, but in the meantime you can see how it looks currently (as well as some enemy AI) in this video Alex posted last night:
  3. Alex had an idea that when you die you can fly around the island as a spectator. Here are some concepts for how you might look when you're dead (or reincarnated?).
  4. Thanks Reid! Okay here are some more things. By the way, I'm the newest member of the team; Justin and Alex have been talking about the idea for a while. Today we started working as a group and clarifying a lot of things, but yesterday I did some brainstorming on my own. Not sure what's going to fit and make it into the final thing, but here are some ideas I had. Jelly Blob Bombs – these are really simple looking, would read clearly and since they're jelly they can stick if we want 'em to. Since the game is all about climbing up this mountain at the center of the island, I figure we don't want the bombs rolling back down towards you all the time. Also thought they might be combine-able into a big bomb?? Destructible objects – Sounds like we might do something very different, but I was thinking we might have one type of blue(?) bomb-able rock so it's very clear what can be exploded. Was thinking about how bombing stuff could allow you to progress or screw over your opponents! Environment – Thinking about flow through the world, going from the outskirts of the island to the center. Since there can be up to 100 players, I figure it'll be sort of like running through Walmart on Black Friday, finding the most direct path and avoiding choke points where groups of people are clumping up.
  5. Here are some character designs I did in the last coupe days while talking with Justin. Since it's a bit Bomberman-like, we thought it would be more interesting to stay away from the familiar chibi soldier and do something totally different. Justin was the one to suggest the character might have a weird gaping mouth. Maybe he actually spits out the bombs, like vomits them up? Why do I keep thinking about throwing up lately…
  6. Hello! BLOWIN UP is the AF prototype being made by three indies: Justin Woodward of Interabang (Super Combo Man, Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch) Alex Austin of Cryptic Sea (Golf for Workgroups, Sub Rosa, Gish) and me, David Hellman of David Hellman (Second Quest, Braid, A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible). BLOWIN UP is a massively multiplayer game about bombing your way to the center of the island before the other teams get there. It promises to be fun, chaotic and yes: explosive. We're just getting started but I'll be posting some concept art very soon, and more stuff as the project comes together. Let us know if you have any questions or ideas or whatever! We're honored to be part of the amazing Double Fine action and we hope you like BLOWIN UP!
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