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  1. In full-screen BA seems to treat tablet input as mouse input and thus the pointer spends most its time trying to smash through the edges of the screen!! (works fine in windowed mode)
  2. submitted crash dump ( I believe) and restarted and finished the first act without further issue.
  3. I will also admit to feeling like 'oh is that it?' mind you that was directly after the 'woha!!' moment at the end there. but I usually have to ponder long and hard over adventure games and I just breezed through this in about three and a half hours !! I sincerely hope the second act is A: longer (in the number of puzzles/scenes) and B: more taxing in the thought required dept. Either BA:act 1 was a 4 hour tutorial or it was a bit too simple for the type of backers that this project attracted (matured and seasoned adventure game players.) Please dont get me wrong. What it is, is superb, delectable, well formed, beautiful and I loved every moment, but the solutions came too quick and too easy. But it could just be that I've got a LOT better at these kind of puzzles since I last played an Adventure game. (secretly hoping that there is a secret act 3 and 4 that you are gonna spring on us all )
  4. When walking round the ship (started in the 'mission rooms' corridor) the end of the corridor did not transition to it's lit state but faded to black (as if the 'Lit version texture was missing). also the 'mother' graphic on the central orb interface was black when the orb transitioned from 'standby' to 'mom' then I had a crash to desktop (late 2011 17"MBP 16GB 2.2GHz intel core i7, OSX 10.8.5)
  5. your wish is granted... http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stainlessgames/carmageddon-reincarnation 25% and counting
  6. Gotta admit, De Blob's music was noticeably well done. ive actually found myself plaing the first few level over just to mix up the colour stings... it's like acualy playing music
  7. actually in the modern world you need a sytem more like that of De Blob here is John taliking about it if you want to skip the whys an wherefores and see a truly interacive sound system in action click here
  8. self taught... I started computer art when i was 12 back in 1983 when the Commodore 64 first came out (yes i'm OLD) i quickly got fed up of playing the games that we got with the machine and started programming and designing sprites and character sets firstly on graph paper and then manualy calculating the byte values. then moved up to the basic editors that eventually got released on the C64. Then I saved up and bought an Amiga 'BatPack' contained batman (movie tie in) newzeland story something else and DeluxePaint 2 and that as they say is history...
  9. Actually I'm right up there with you...It privileges early entries (in it for longer and can amass a votes for longer) and it privileges entrants with stupidly engorged readership/followers. However it is the system I have to work within... Basically I just need to make sure I'm in the top 100, then it can be judged on my skill and my design (on which i feel it stands a good chance) this means i've been pimping for voted the last three weeks.. I think I'm in the top 100 but wanted to make certain. thanx all for at least taking a look (even if i left this too late) Stephen
  10. It's not really about the prize. Those who get the most "friends" to vote for them will win - hence popularity contest. you need enough votes to be in the top 100 (qualfying entries - ie comply with the rules and you would be amzed how many dont...) then it goes to the judging where two are picked. and YES it IS about the prize...
  11. More importantly the discs BD&DVD; will be region free so don't worry you will be able to watch them where ever you are..
  12. You need to sign up to deviant art.. But it is free and not spammy.. Worth doing especially if you are an artist. And thanx for the comments . It's heart warming. EDIT..... Actually I think voting has just closed !!!! NOOOOOOO! Thanx for trying anyway.. thanx
  13. I really wouldn't normally do this (signatures are fine but direct posts are a little off) but there is an 8-bit Design contest over at Deviant Art . The idea is to do a stunning hoodie design that evokes the 80s-90s pixel art gaming era. I actually think I stand a reasonable chance of winning, so I need all the views and votes I can get. (I wouldn't be asking if i didn't think i had a REALY strong chance) Please could I ask my fellow backers of DFA to fire up their clicking finger and at the very least check the image out. If you like, please vote (by clicking the 'I'd wear this button') and then tell all your friends (....too much?) Link Removed, thread closed. No personal advertising threads. -DFJustin EDIT: turns out since I posted this the voting has closed (hows that for lousy timing....) yours Stephen 'Ohnhai' Rushbrook
  14. ever since i got berated by Andrew for my all green level loading screens (he's colourblind) I have tried to get the studios i work for to instigate a colourblind filter for the development builds. This, when toggled, would force the entire screen to simulate the restricted pallets of the colourblind. Then when coders and artists are working they can flip through the colour blind modes (yes there is more than one flavor of colour blindness. http://www.colourblindawareness.org/colour-blindness/) to check that the scene still reads clear. previously this was a tricky propasition but today with tone mapping it should be a doddle. those of us who can a fuller spectrum really just dont get it and I am just as guilty as anyone (just ask Andrew) check this site out, esspecially the trivial pursuit example.... http://wearecolorblind.com/ I strongy urge DF to make DFA colourblind friendly.. \Aalso alsong with subtitles for the hearing impared you should also concider a strong Audio descriptive option for the vision impaired.
  15. I can see Zac Braff (JD Scrubs) as Guybrush...
  16. RockSmith (US import) + Ibanez Art 120 TRW http://www.mickleburgh.co.uk/images/57714.png
  17. I seriously doubt that finding additional funding will be much of an issue should it be required... but DF will be scaling production to the the available budget which is INSANELY greater than what they were asking for.. its prety much like colouring inside the lines only to suddeny discover the lines are now in the next State... staying with in the lines now shouldbe a doddle.
  18. Feedback is one thing. A good, healthy thing but 'say' has connotations of control, which is what I believe we should avoid.
  19. Open scource: No Free to try/dev for : Posibly Licence fee/royalties to realease games developed in engine: most definately.
  20. None. none whatsoever We are not making the game... we can not demand anything and Tim's word is final (unless Ron wants to chip in ) Our job is A: supply the money (done) and B: Offer feed back and proffer ideas here in these fora. The team at DF can dig through the inevitable mountain of posts that are gonna accumulate and glean what they need to make it the best game possible that they can make. If them and us are not sepperated in this way then the project will die the death of 87,000 paper cuts that would be design by the largest, meanest, most opinionated committee in history. It wouldnt be prety. and it would be a waste of 3.3million. we have to remember one of the bigest problems in this industry right now is the publishers interfeering with the creative process and not letting the artists wavw and flow thier magic.
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