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  1. Hello guys. Taxi Journey is back they had made a few wrong steps with the first trial, wrong time period to begin and all but now they are back with it. Have a look at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lexisgames/taxi-journey-an-epic-odyssey it really is a game worth looking by a well known developer. Cheers.
  2. Very nice. I really enjoyed the part on the music. Whether it is games or movies documentary. I always feel like this part is kinda so little in comparison to everything else. While SO important to make a movie or a game really great. I hope we'll see more on that on later episodes really enjoyed it !
  3. I backed it on the first day, but I hope they launch the campaign again a little later it really lacked coverage and was in my opinion launch at the worst moment just around the E3, with so many news it was probably in the midst of hundreds of daily news titles, that really did not helped.
  4. Hey there. Here you can find a new Kickstarter that as been launched by the french studio Lexis Numérique. They worked on the past on several adventure games like the In Memoriam (Missing or Evidence series not sure of the US title)) and recently Alt-Minds, two very specific adventure that mixed reality and video, searching the net for clues and so on. They also did eXperience 112, a surprising game again, where you're not in control of the main character but are "behind" the security system and help the character make her way through the huge ship she's on, and more than this. And also the two Red Johnson's Chronicles games that were available on the XBLA PSN and PC Download. They need a 240K$ level to be funded. I let you discover it here : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lexisgames/taxi-journey
  5. voted but please just note and do not use The Divide that's making it looks like it's linked to the Dreamfall universe so should be avoided at all cost.
  6. I've just made my pick and my suggestion simply but applying easily to both characters A New Life, as both of them wll change their way of living after the events of the game.
  7. Hey Dont find any great ideas yet, but The Divide should be avoided in my opinion, that's a location that is part of the Longest Journey universe It's the world that is between Stark and Arcadia, so for me that is a big no go as good as the name is that would be weird for and adventure game to use this title. And while there is the ravine dividing the world of the girl it just is a title that makes it a bit one sided.
  8. hard to pick one but I'd go with P as my favorite, N is good but it just reminds me Zelda Wind Waker design at this stage
  9. That's a nice video. I'm really happy about the fact of people that could join a bit later through paypal, because a freind of mine actually could not made it during the time of the campaign, and of course I could tell him nothing, but I'm sure he'll be pleased to be able to rejoin the group at the 15$ level , I hope it's soon available so I can give him the information to get aboard
  10. would be nice to have a look at a few recent ones that are also completely 2D like Daedalic Ones The Whispered World, A New Beginning, Edna & Harvey The Breakout, and soon to bre released Dark Eye Chains of Satinav. Except this project they are the only studio (outside of indie productions) to make full 2D adventure games in the recent years. And I mean really full, PEndulo Games are 2D made from 3D models so that's not the same thing
  11. very interesting, I remember trying to get something working on my own a few years ago, must've ben 6/7 years I tried to make an engine from scratch both for a project I had in mind, but also to try things and because at the time I knew only about AG for making adventure games, which was nice but too limited in terms of screen size at the time, I wanted the kind of nice 2D that was achieved by recent games like those from Daedalic (The Whispered World, A New Beginning, Dark Eye - Chains of Satinav). Obviously by myselft I could not go very far, still in a matter of time that I don't remember I got in order a simple scenery working, with some scaling feature, pathfinding (that's a tricky one that was not perfect at the time) as well as a simple dialog interface, and most importantly everything based on descriptive file which I had thought of. I'm happy that it was working though it was still far from a complete games. So I perfectly see the difficulties of making something from scratch, I just have a the source code that must still be on sourceforge if someones is interested, and must have a simple demo lurking somewhre in my harddrive if I can find it back Anyway now that article makes me really interested in that MOAI thing which I had not read anything about. Might be trying it a bit and revive a project or another, though I don't believe I'll get really far like the last time lol
  12. That is really difficult to make a single choice. I'd say for graphics one of my favorites is still The Whispered World, completely 2D, very nice maybe the animation are just a bit slow, but very well done by Daedelic. For story I would go with the Cing games Another Code / Hotel Dusk / Last Window too bad they closed because I really enjoy their nicely told stories, of course it was maybe lacking a bit of challenge and very talkative, though there was no voice overs, but for Hotel Dusk to go through the game and discoiver all the relations between the characters was really well done to me. They are also a few games that are very interesting but not listed here. In Memoriam (Missing in the US) has really made something outside of the ordinary and it's french, you had to play with internet making search to progress through an encrypted disk sent to the police by a serial killer, with codes to break and things like that, and you got emails which they were real people behind, so you could write back and get real answers. And they went farther with the sequel to use SMS so you would receive actual SMS from the killer during the game. Another game from that same company which is french by the way, is eXperience 112, there it's the interaction way that was quite different, in this one you would play with the main character but you would interact with the environment, looking through security cam and systems, opening doors, accessing mails, basically you never interact directly with the main character, and that made it a very interesting way of playing.
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