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  1. Well, that was a fantastic episode. The orchestra part was truly amazing. I love how everyone is doing their best, not only to finish ahead of schedule but also to deliver the best possible game. Thanks a lot for that
  2. I really love hearing Peter McConnell’s input about scoring video games: truly creative and versatile. Hope to see him again in future videos
  3. As has been said: take as long time as you need to make a game that you can feel proud of. I'll be happy to wait for it
  4. Well, I also think that the game would be even better with a online co-op option. As said, online communication is not a problem, at least for PC players, and if there were 3 people, you wouldn't have to be switching between characters constantly, which is one of the few things that I found annoying while playing. I agree that having your friends with you can be great, but for many people, including me, this is not such an easy task. Therefore, why not, at least, give us the chance to select between local and online co-op? I can imagine that it´s probably not easy to implement, but I think it would be a really nice addition for the game... you could even try to boost the sales with reduced price packs of 3 copies of the game
  5. Thanks for the episode. It is very interesting to see how everything comes together, and how the team reacts as they slowly realize the amount of work to be done. I wouldn't mind if the game needed to be delayed a little bit, but I'm happy to see that they are trying to be on schedule, even if that means that some hard decisions need to be made... By the way, very good filming job
  6. Very insightful. I think I´ll give it a try. Oh man, "Penelope" and "Julio Iglesias" ... that just made my day.
  7. Wow, I love the idea of having a boy and a girl in different worlds, or in the same world but different realities. This concept is full of possibilities. You could even add a third level there, some kind of interconnecting world they could share, like their dreams or something like that. I´m really eager to know how this develops. Thanks a lot for sharing the creative process with us. Amazingly insightful .
  8. Thanks a lot for the programming update. I find it particularly interesting .
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