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  1. Not part one and two but episode 4, 5, ... 6? Don't care about waiting, more content in a compelling story is better than less. So please no cutting unless it really did not add anything!
  2. I don't really agree. Zooms are used rarely today because of the unnatural look of the perspective shift. But there is also a reason why things like dolly tracks, steadicams, jib arms and cranes are widely used in most films now. A lot of those camera movements are used to make the width or depth of a scene stand out or to deliver some change of perspective to the audience. It's not so much about zooming all the way in from space to a rusty bumper on a junkyard, but about camera movement that cannot be done with tilting and panning and makes a scene more interesting. From the "visual style" videos and the programming updates, I understood that DF is experimenting with camera Z-motion and I am totally looking forward to it. Edit: Oh, I think I got you now. You already wrote that this effect might be used in some scenes. The dolly track/jib arm/cranes were more the effect I meant, rather than just a plane Z-zoom. Once the camera has passed a plane in Z-position the plane is no longer in view, so the size of the scene render can be kept limited. As for the Z-zoom, if you zoom in the close stuff becomes blurry. The far away planes are increasingly fogged, so no need to render infinite depth of field. Don't know the impact on resources though, I am not a programmer.
  3. Found it! Bug is gone when I switch off forced AA in Catalyst Control Center, the clouds were waves by the way.
  4. I used to be able to run stacking without glitches, however since the recent update I experience a graphical bug. The clouds of the intro are floating around everywhere when I am in full screen mode, without full screen everything is fine. I tried: - removing/re-installing the game via steam, no use. - starting a new game, same glitch. - switching any of the visuals switches has no effect, the bug is also there for all resolutions. - checked dxdiag but no issues found, also none experienced in other games. I can send the dxdiag.txt via email when needed, the site does not allow upload. Please help, full screen mode has such more atmosphere!
  5. Cool projects you have worked on, it's a shame some of these never made it they look really nice. I like the idea you highlighted about seeing NPC interactions and later on realizing you were one of them time warped back! To me it feels like the toilet bowl time machine thing in DOTT. The way you react to the NPC interaction first could determine a puzzle/solution threat later. Maybe a nice one for the puzzle-a-thon?
  6. Wow the 2D really starts to feel 3D like! One question: all the parallax stuff is about side scrolling scenery with the camera at a fixed Z-offset. Will you also scale the 2D layers with varying fog to simulate camera Z-motion instead of scaling the main character like in the log cabin animation? I think this would be a nice looking alternative to binary switch screen to screen when in an outdoors scenery.
  7. Actually I think the Portal guy poses a really good question. At the risk of being impaled by the hardcore adventure community, I admit I like easy puzzles and to keep the story going. It is more the immersion experience that helps me over the tougher puzzles than the intellectual orgasm after solving them. Especially Monkey Island and Grim Fandango had a discovery feel about them with a new universe with totally different laws and ethics combined with a good dose of humor.
  8. Hey I really like the Thriller ending! Is this a first peek into the game theme perhaps??? Like it, I think lots of MJ clips have fun fantasy stories woven into them.
  9. Don't know about Tex - seem to be the only one, I'll check it out. I'm also backing Jane Jensen now, hoping for a Gabriel Knight type of sequel. Seems like Tim caused a stirring in the vintage game developers circles!
  10. Glad to see I'm not the only increasingly analogue guy in an increasingly digital world
  11. Fully agree! 11 man years is a big amount, however I am more looking forward to the actual game shaping up and discussions on it. If it gets as much attention as the financials in the forum you may need to factor in a new forum host.
  12. With you man, I trust Tim to come up with something appealing. The dark cyberpunk post-apocalyptic suggestions don't capture me, neither does a girly magical world with unicorns. But again, maybe enough of DF's magic will even make those into something nice....
  13. Big promise, why? Just vow 5% of net profit and you're still left with 95% of pure profit for the company. Might even be tax deductible, not an expert on U.S. tax laws though. It really appeals to me, if the game is great you get a viral snowball thing crushing conventional game producing. Let's go for a landslide!
  14. If we let people know of our opinions we will explode Not going fundamentalist I hope? Just spent some time on the Wasteland 2 forum getting scared by 8bit RPG hard core fundamentalists and I was kind-of hoping for a relief here....
  15. Mine's Maniac Mansion on a Commodore 128 with the seriously annoying loading times. Brings back memories - those days you were punished by your own computer for having a short attention time span with games
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