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  1. Just finished it. Got three more things: 1. In the scene after the shareholders meeting, with Ben and Maureen on the bike, the frame size keeps changing. It's very noticeable because at one points it happens in one shot, the shot where Ripburger appears with the truck. 2. The text clips the screen in the cockpit control of the Vultures' plane. 3. The clipping is just a bit too low in the credits, making it appear as if they come out of the ground instead of from behind the horizon. Also they scroll through the top of the screen and disappear two or three frames before they should truly exit the screen.
  2. Played it again yesterday (there's a lot of time between plays because of Breath of the Wild). The following things stuck out. Bug: after I flipped the truck on highway 9 I went out to get Nestor and Bolus to chase me, when I got to the truck, instead of the scene appearing, the highway just disappeared, leaving a black void with a frozen Ben on his bike. After I went back to the menu, I got the scene with Nestor and Bolus driving through the fertilizer, but after that it froze again. I had to restart the game to replay it, this time without the bug. It seems to me that this is the remaster that has the least amount of attention put into each separate scene. I understand this being the case because of the quantity of material that they had to remaster, but some scenes look really rushed to me. In some backgrounds (especially towards the end) I can barely tell if I'm looking at the original art or the remastered, because it's just filter work, I can even distinguish the old pixels. In other scenes they seem to have changed the hard shadows or animations of characters completely, making it feel less as a whole in the process. For instance, when Mo is sorting out the parts of her dad's bike, in the original version, while the frame rate remains the same, the animation seems far less choppy. Her hairdo seems to have changed as well. Some character designs seem to have been changed too, seemingly without much thought being put into it. I remember the frame Thunderpeel posted about Darrel in the opening cutscene, his body suddenly looks all bloated and not like Darrel at all. Suzi also looks off or something. (and by the way, the George Lucas cameo looks nothing like George Lucas anymore, it's rather odd to hear Tim and co. say that in the audio commentary when you're looking at some random guy with a five o' clock shadow.) (I have to say some of the characters look exactly like I would've imagined them, even adding little things I could've sworn had always been there, like Emmett and Horrace.) I agree with Sean Lane about the main menu art. While someone probably took a lot of time and effort to create it, and I appreciate that, it really looks more like a piece of fan art than the first screen that pop's up when you play Full Throttle. Instead of the great cover image from the 90's we get a mash up of off model characters from the game looking all smug. I just don't get why this was green lit. All and all I love playing Full Throttle again, the sounds and music (and Roy Conrad's voice!) are especially nice to hear at this quality. But for me, all these little details just take me out of the game I grew to love as a kid every time. All in all, I hope Double Fine takes another month or two to polish everything until it really shines and then deliver an update.
  3. Got another one. When you steal the ramp from the Cavefish hideout, but don't remove the dots in the road and the cavefish come to reclaim their ramp, the shadow one of them casts on the rock in close up doesn't quite reach the bottom of the screen, revealing a last row of pixels from the background. (don't have a screenshot of this, but it was pretty distracting.) Also, when Ben is driving on highway 9 and he passes the fertiliser truck, the fertiliser layer seems be on top of Ben instead of the other way around.
  4. I know, right? They sure knew how to ruin a franchise. I'm glad it got cancelled. What do you think of the voice, Thunderpeel?
  5. Not really a FT Remastered question, but I was actually wondering this the other day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjqAN72DoyU I know Tim didn't have anything to do with Full Throttle; Hell on Wheels, but being the spiritual father, I wondered what he thought of the replacement voice actor they got for Ben. That guy sure had some pretty big shoes to fill. So, in short, based on the trailer, what does Tim think of the voice?
  6. I don't know if this has been said before, but I was just watching the making of video again, and in the last minute or so a shot from the intro is played. In the shot we see the camera move through all the polecats, but it's really clear that it's just the Ben model repeated every time. I think it becomes apparent due to the upscaling, but it definitely needs to be redone in the Remastered version. EDIT: Just saw that someone already noticed this. Anyway, don't shoot me, I've got screenshots!
  7. I agree that I'd much rather see a new game then a remake. On the other hand I've never finished Land of the Lounge Lizards, so that'd be a first.
  8. That's because Al has been retired from games since 1996 or 97. Back then he was one of the most creative game designers around. He came up with some unique concepts to immerse yourself into the game world. In Leisure Suit Larry 7, he added the following features not found in other games: - Letting you play a part in the game by adding a picture of yourself into the game files and letting you voice a couple of lines of dialogue without telling you where they'd pop up. - He added cybersmell 2000, a way to smell the environment in the game through a sniffcard. - He added a interactive wallpaper system for your Windows 95 computer, changing the wallpaper automatically every time you scored with a girl. Those were truly unique concepts, and have never been done again! He was a real creative visionary. Too bad Sierra stopped production of the adventure genre after Gabriel Knight III, and Al was let go. I do agree with the screen presence though. EDIT: Check out this part of his website. It's got some Design Documents of games that he made. They're a really interesting read, especially the LSL7 one.
  9. So, I was wondering. Who of the awesome people who donated for the Double Fine Adventure Pledge will also be donating to the Leisure Suit Larry pledge? Make Larry Come Again. Actually, I really like the efford, but I think the pledge started to soon to the DFA Pledge. I really think these people deserve a great start just like Tim, Ron and their team did. So, who's gonna donate to get Larry layed again?
  10. I say make every character nude! Here in the Netherlands, we don't wear any clothes at all. We feel it limits our freedom and our ways to express ourselves. It's too bad other countries usually paste wooden shoes and aprons over our beautiful naked dutch bodies. So I'm hoping Double Fine won't censor the game if it takes place in the Netherlands.
  11. Alright! This is my first time on the forums, and I'm very excited about this project! Growing up with games like Day of the Tentacle has brainwashed me and they've had a big influence on my life! I'm so proud to be funding one of these games myself now! Great initiative guys!
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