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  1. - A cellular (or molecular) world of different common items. Like a cellular world based on a single blade of grass, not just being shrunk down so everything looks huge but being so small that the spaces between plant cells is like the grand canyon. - A generic super villain hide out, but imagined as a very boring and corporate environment. The room with the death ray being next to the copy room, and nothing says take over the world like an inspirational poster of cat with a ball of yarn(that sort of thing). I always wanted to play as generic henchmen #37. What is life like for these guys and what's their motivation. - A crayon world as if designed by a 4 year old or a coloring book world where the objects have defined outlines but the coloring is erratic and never stays in the lines* Bolded because I've never seen a game like this (if there is one already, I must play it!)
  2. My main OS is OSX Lion, but I plan on buying the new game for my iPad as long as it controls well
  3. Overall I prefer 2-D hand drawn. Especially now that we have the tech to make games that look as good as Rayman Origins. Sure it's not an adventure game, but it is gorgeous
  4. I completely agree that today's audience wouldn't stand for text input as the only option, but I would enjoy seeing it as an option along with other control schemes.
  5. Myself, along with many fellow backers have been playing the genre since its text based origins. There are many types of adventure games, from pure text input, to point and click + text, just point and click, etc. I always enjoyed the text input part of the old school adventure games, and I would hope that would be a control option for the new game. The question I pose is this. What is your favorite way of playing these games and what would you like to see the new game implement?
  6. I would love to see a game that takes place in a steam-punk late 19th century era. Or a game that takes place from the "villain" point of view. Where you play as the nefarious evil doer trying to stop the good guy from saving the {princess, kingdom, time-space continuum, pie)
  7. I wonder if they could do a version like the Special Edition Escape from Monkey Island. With both old school pixelated 2D and nice fancy 2.5D
  8. Oh man, I haven't thought of this game in years. Absolutely loved that game, but my first experience with an adventure game was "So you want to be a hero, Quest for Glory" My friend and I would sit on the floor of his bedroom and play that game for hours at a time. Always getting a little further each time. Actually, most of my adventure game experience derives from playing the game with someone. I know this genre is inherently single player by nature, but I wonder if there would be a way to integrate co-op in such a way that it doesn't break the game.
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