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  1. I got stuck on the golden egg thing, i couldn`t reach it. But then I saw the ladder bottom and realized what I should do
  2. Yeah, but I believe Skyrim has that Steam Workshop thingie. Not sure if Broken Age will. Nice to have brazillians engaging on the forum,
  3. I wonder how hard would be to mod the game. I really would like to include a Brazillian Portuguese language, but I don't think it would be legal. Can we do it?
  4. Yes, its ladder, not stair. Sorry for my poor english
  5. In the beginning of Shay's story, when he is in shower and then that blowing thing to dry him, his neck seems sooo wrong in terms of lighting, looks like it is on top of the head layer. When Vella's in the cloud city, she needs to place the stair on a cloud in order to reach the path to the tree. When she is climbing, the stair layer goes on top of her, just like she is climbing it from the other side. That's it
  6. I'd really like to see more of Curtis. Grandpa Beastender was great, but I don't think he should play a major role on Act 2.
  7. Well, i didn't talk to those guys first, i went to the shoe lady. There were some dialogues (like the poking thing) I had to understand prior to that. Also, when I got back to the guys there were some dialogues about Lightbeard, which I believe should only appear after I talked to M'ggie. Edit: I'll clarify a little bit: The Lightbeard and poking appeared on Vella's dialogue possibilities first, never been mentioned from them. Edit 2: I progressed further and met Coutney and Dawn, but never asked who they were. Turns out and the end of the dialogue lines, after talking about the Yorn thing, it was possible for me to ask about their condition, but that is something you only find out after asking about them, and at that point I never did.
  8. I started Vella's story and when i get further on and meet Ch't and his dad, there were dialogue options that did not make any sense. Like future things I didn't see yet. Would be nice to keep it hidden and make the player backtrack a little bit when Vella finds out about those things.
  9. Well, you'll have to wait until the game is finished and you can download your DRM-free copy on Linux and transfer it to your PC. I wonder if you guys would still be complaining if DF released just the beta on Steam and the full, DRM-free game sometime later. Looks like you did not want anyone else to play before you.
  10. No, you didn't get it. Understand that there are 3 products: The early beta, esclusive for backers on Steam, the Act 1 starting to be sold on Steam january 28th and the full game, which will be available on Steam or via direct link for those who want to download it via - say - torrent. What has been promised to backers was early beta access through Steam and a full copy of the game, DRM-free. And that, as far as I know, is still happening.
  11. I have an Xperia Play (Android), but I'm considering buying a Lumia 800 (windows phone).
  12. what if we have game-blogger backers? like the guys at shoryuken? hmm?
  13. AGBTSARG i still think DFAG is lame one. maybe we should call it "The Grog Game"?
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