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  1. Great episode. Man, those feels. The game is amazing, you should all be proud. Hope the sales are there for you!
  2. Working on my end. Try clicking the little link for the other player and see if that works! Oh, didn't even see that link. All good now, thanks!
  3. That video don't work yo! The creator of this video has not given you permission to embed it on this domain.
  4. Sorry for being dense, just want to make sure. Episode 9 "Mini-Series" is not Episode 9 "Proper"? So there is still an official 9 coming? Thanks!
  5. @SurplusGamer People are understandably and rightfully upset. If you don't like these threads you have the right to ignore them. Your posts complaining about the amount of threads add nothing to the conversation. I contributed because I believed in what Double Fine were doing and promising. As a fan, this promised to be the closest I would get to the process. So yes, when I don't get what I pay for from a company I feel I have the right to complain and so do others. If you are happy with what you paid for, that's wonderful ... stay in the happy-time threads.
  6. @Asif_2PP I hope you understand that it's not 2 Player people are upset about. The complete lack of any communication from Double Fine is the issue since a running dialog is what was promised in the Kickstarter. Cheers and Keep up the GREAT Work!!!
  7. You obviously miss my point you can go away now.
  8. I know I'm going to get bashed for being impatient but I don't care. Come on DF, really ... how hard is it just to say "Hi, don't worry ... we haven't forgotten about you guys" Not demanding or even asking for the video update, just a brief text update. I don't think that's asking too much.
  9. Working on it! Yay!!!! Wait, the game or the update? Anyway, have fun at PAX!
  10. Great, now how about some real Reds updates ... seems like it's been FOREVER!
  11. That's awesome Mark! Can't wait to see it all in action.
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